Universal Kindergarten Right Now a Law

Education Admin Br. Armin Luistro FSC welcomes the particular passing of the Widespread Kindergarten Bill straight into law, - the Republic Act (Third.A.) 10157, giving the particular department more elbow room to institutionalize reforms in basic schooling which include the execution of the universal kindergarten program in all community schools.

“The Kindergarten Education and learning Act is just on the list of components  to push pertaining to serious education reforms. This should be propelled simply by strong political can and commitment to conserve the school children reach their particular maximum potential via a variety of carefully picked and meaningful experiences just like what is estimated of a premium school education program,” said Luistro in a ceremonial presentation in the Kindergarten Education Work at the MalacaƱang Palace in Monday, February 27, 2012.

No less than His or her Excellency President Benigno S. Aquino 3 delivered the keynote address, declaring the policy declaration of the new law -- to provide equal options for all children to be able to avail of accessible obligatory and compulsory school education that effectively promotes physical, interpersonal, intellectual, emotional, and also skills stimulation along with values formation in order to sufficiently prepare them for formal education.

Luistro seconded that will by saying “with the Kindergarten Education Act, DepEd believes that it can accomplish more in supplying quality education on the school children in line with their commitment Millennium Improvement Goals on accomplishing Education for All (EFA) through the year 2015.”

Among the ten-point education agenda of Chief executive Benigno S. Aquino III, your universal kindergarten program will prepare the actual young learners for that rigors of regular education. Specifically, the Third.A. 10157 or the Kindergarten Education Act is very important so that the program gets a permanent stage inside the school children’s school life without it being affected by modifications in the political scenery.

R.A. 10157 or perhaps “An Act Institutionalizing the Kindergarten Education into the Basic Education System along with Appropriating Funds Therefore” marks a new milestone reached from the Aquino government - the achievement of one in the President’s education agenda 4 years ahead of the target yr.

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In 2011, DepEd has implemented the universal general public kindergarten program for 5-year olds to give new entrants to basic education the proper preparation for the rigors of training as it continues to discover possibilities that will range up basic education performance in the country. For one more school year, school education shall be made mandatory and mandatory for entrance for you to Grade 1.

As stated in the process, kindergarten education shall apply to elementary university system being the initial stage of compulsory and mandatory formal education. Thus, school will now be a fundamental piece of the basic education system of the country.

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