The Kindergarten Education Act - Guidelines

Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act No. 1057 otherwise known as The Kindergarten Education Act"

For the information and guidance of all concerned enclosed is a copy of the Implementing Rules and Regulation of the RA no 1057 entitled "An Act Institutionalizing the Kindergarten Education Into the Basic Education System and Appropriating Funds Therefor" otherwise known as the Kindergarten Education Act"

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Pursuant to Section 24 thereof, these IRR shall take effect 15 days dafter its publication in the official gazette or in 2 newspapers of general circulation.

All orders and other memoranda and other related issuance inconsistent with these IRR are deemed amended accordingly upon its effectively.

Download the complete guidelines here.

DepEd Order No. 32 S 2012

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Isn't it supposed to be R.A. No. 10157 and not 1057?

I got confused so I looked it up. :)

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