PAGCOR Classroom Donation

Guidelines on the Implementation of the Pagcor-Assistant projects for the constructions of classrooms under the Department of Education School Building Program

The Department of Education has entered into a Memorandum of Agreement with the Philippines Amusement and Gaming Corporation for the construction of various school buildings nationwide. Under this agreement, the PAGCOR shall provide funds which shall be utilized for the construction of classroom in priority areas as determined by both DepED and Pagcor

To ensure effective implementation f these projects the ff guildelines are hereby issued:

1. To come up with the Final List of Priority Recipients schools to be complete by the Pagcor and PFSED.

2. The school building designs and the priortiy list as approved by both DepEd and pagcor shallbe used in this project.

3. The provisions of DepEd Order No. 94 S. 2011 entitled Guidelines on the Implemetnation of the Basic Educational Facilities Funds shall be adopted in the implementaion of this project:

(Reposted with the help of our friend in sports development specially on mental toughness training and Sports psychology)

4. the central office accounting division shall issue the certificate of availability of funs for all projects which will serve as the basis of procurement. However, the corresponding funding check shall be issued in the following manner.

a.90% of the total contract amount - upon contract award
b. 10% of the total contract amount - upon 100% project completion and liquidation of the 90% previous releases made.

4. For more information;

The Physical Facilities and Schools Engineering Division
Office of Planning Service
DepED Central Office

DepEd Order 29 s. 2012

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