Requiring the Certification of Rating in the National Achievement Test

Requiring the Certification of Rating in the National Achievement Test in Grade 6 as Part of the Credentials of First year Entrants

To strengthen the stipulations in DepED Memo No 228 s 2007 entitled Utilization of the Certificates of Rating in the NAT in Grade 6 for Remedial Instruction in First year Public High School and DepED Memo No 278 s.2010 entitled Certificates of Ratings Based on the Results of the National Achievement Test for grade 6 Pupils and Second Year High School Students, the Department of Education requires the the issued COR in the NAT will be included in the learning profile of each First Year entrant.

This COR in the Nat requirement aims to provide the school with the sufficient entry data of each learner particularly on strengths and weaknesses in terms of competencies and to determine his or her readiness to tackle high school academics works.

Starting School Year 2012-2013, every First Year entrant shall be required to submit his or her COR in the NAT issued by the National Educational Testing and Research Center together with her Form 138 to the school of their choice during enrollment or during the first day of classes. However, an incoming student without COR will still be accepted for whom the concerned teachers should make extra effort to determine the extent of their school readiness.

Immediate dissemination of this Memo is desired.

DepEd Memorandum No 78 S 2012

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