Why You Should Use Coco Sugar?

Encouraging the Use of Coco Sugar

The coconut tree also call the tree of life, provides food and livelihood to Filipinos, the many benefits of the raw materials are sources of various by products, edible and non-edible, medicinal and nutraceutical. The coconut sap sugar, also known as the coco sugar is among the edible products with both medicinal and nutraceutical benefits to mankind. Using the coco sugar will help the farmers to increase their income and eventually improve the country's economy.

The coco sugar is healthy sugar with low glycermic index of 35 or classified as low Glycermic Index Food which is suitable for diabetics. It is a natural product with simple processing, without chemicals and additives, It can be used in different beverages concoctions like coffee, tea,herbal and fruit juices as confectionery products in pastries , cakes and native delicacies.

All regional directors, school division/city superintendents and administrators are enjoined to give full support to the advocacy and the use of coco sugar in various affairs such as meetings, conference, conventions and trainings or workshops.

DepEd Memo No 82 s. 2012

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