Smart School Program webmaster Training

The Department of Eduation in collaboration with Smart Communication, Inc and the Philppine Business for Social Progress as its implementing partner will coduct the webmaster training in May 25-28, 2012 at the Colegio San Juan De Letran instramuros Manila.

The training program aims to provide the teachers pupils and students with knowledge on local content and journalism, and subsequently develop their skills on website design and publishing. DepED ICT Training - Smart

the training course which will be condected in 2 tracks: Track A on Content Generation and Track B on web development will run simultaneously on Days 1 to 3. On Day 4, participants for both tracks will collaborate and integrate their outputs to create a website for their respective schools.

The target participants are as follows:

Web Development 2 teachers ICT Coordinator or TLE Teacher or webmaster. A teacher assigned to maintain the school website with good computer and internet skills

Content Generation 1 teacher Incoming Grades V or VI pupils/3rd year students proficient in basic computer.
1 pupils..

The attachment list the participating schools and program of activities.

DepEd Memo No. 92 S 2012

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