Revised guidelines on the Opening of Classes

Pursuant to the Constitutional mandate to prvoide all Filipino learners with free baic education in public elementary and secondary schools and to achieve the countries targets for the Millenium Development Goal on universal primary education and thisDepartment objective of Education for all EEFA in 2015, there is an urgent need to minimize, if not eleminate financial constraints among parents, guardians during the opening of classes and ti implement effective school/ classroom management.

Accordingly, the implementing policis on the collection of voluntary school contributions shall be strictly observed.

No fees shall be colected froms chool children in Kindergarten up to Grade 4 anytime during the school year 2012-2013.

No fees shall be collected from Grade 5 pupils up to High School stduents from June to July 2012. However, starting August 2012 until the end of this school year. the following shown in the table beolow may be colected only on a voluntary basis.

Boy scout of the Philippines 50 per learner
Girls scout of the Philippnes 50 per learner
Philippines National Red Cross 20 per learner
Anti TB Fund Drive 5 per leaner
PTA Reasonable amount to be determined by the PTA.
Membership in pupils organization - based on existing policy
School publication - P60 for Elementary and P90 for High School

The PTA may collec contributions starting August 2012 only after presenting to their members and to the school head or principal a report on the unitilization of the previous school year collections and the SY 2012 proposed budget with proram of activities taking into account the following:

a. the amount of contribution to the PTA shall be agreed upon during the Generatl Assembly ursuant to DepEd Order No 54.

b. The PTAs are enjoined to refrain from setting exorbitant amounts for vountary school contributions.

for more details

DepED Order No. 41 s. 212

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