2012 Metrobank MTAP DepED Math Challenge

DepEd Memo 190 S. 2012

2012 Metrobank MTAP DepED Math Challenge

The MEtrobank Foundation Inc, Mathematics Teachers Assiciation of the Philippines - MTAP and the Department of Education will hold the 2013 Metrobank - MTAP - DepED Math Challenge from January to April 2013.

The overall objective of the competition is to contribute in improving the quality of the Math Education in the Philippines, Specially it aims to:

a. awaken greater interest in Mathematics among elementary school pupils and high schools students from both public and private schools nationwide

b. encourage them to strive for excellence in Math

c. encourage master of basic math skills

d. Discover math talents among them

e. Develop the values of hard work, perseverance, honesty, teamwork and sportsmanship and

f. provide them with opportunities in leadership and cooperative undertaking.

In the Elimination and Division Level competition, elementary school pupils and high school students nationwide will participate in this competition  To enable a team or individual to become the first place winner in the Regional Finals and to qualify in the National Finals, they must meet the hurdle rate established by the National Steering Committee.

The Division Mathematics Supervisors shall be in charge of the preparation implementation and documentation of the  Eliminations and Division Finals competition inlcuding preparation of the program and fielding of qualified officials to serves as judges, proctors and hosts/quizmasters. He or she will also be responsible for settling all quaiestion, including protests, which may arise in the course  of the comptition or a panel of advisers may be formed by the respective schools division /city superintendents.

In the Regional Finals, Grade 6 and 4th year High School students may participate in the regional and national levels. the Regional mathematics Supervisor shall be in charge of the preparation, implementation ad documentation of Regional Finals including program, designation of judges, proctors, corrector for the individual competition and hosts. The MTAP representative will assist in facilitating this stage of the competition, both in the individual and team competitions. He or she will also be responsible for settling all questions, including protest which may arise in the course of the competition.

In the National Finals, the qualifications in determining the 10 National Finalist for both individual and team competitions in the Elem and Sec. levels are the following:

a. Top scorers for both categories A and B in the NCR
b. Top scorers in each geographical area - Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao
c. Remaining 5 top scorers across all regions.

All DepEd officials including school heads and Math teachers are requested to actively campaign and enjoin for the competition of all public and private schools in the country through issuance of a memo to insure maximum participation.

The national level will be finance by the Metrobank Foundation. These includes transportation  accommodation and meal allowances.

The following documents are forms are contained in the enclosures:

1. Guidelines including contest schedules
2. Contest mechanics
3. Registration form
4. Summary of participants

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