Guidelines on the Granting of Performance Based Bonus 2013

DepEd Order No 12 S. 2012

Guidelines on the Granting of Performance Based Bonus for the DepEd Employees and Officials

Pursuant to the provision of EO no 80 s. 2012 entitled directing the adiption of a performance basd incentive system for the Govt employees signe by Pres B. S. Aquino 3 on July 20, 2012 and MEmo Cirular No 2012-1 issued by the Inter Agency Task Force, the performance based incentrive system cosisting of the productivity enahncement incentive and the performance based bonus shall be adopted in the national goverment beginning fiscal year 2012

The PBB is characterized by a system of rewards administration to all bureasus or delivery units and personnel within the Departent according to their contribution to the overall agency performance.

Rational and background

the granting of the PBB links individual performance targets and accomplishments to strategic and organization goal and accomplishments of all delviery units. This is part of the 4 stages of the Results based performance management system, specifically under performance based development planning and rewards administration.


These guidelines cover all officials and employees in the Department including attached agencies holding regular plantilla positions and all contractual and casual employees having an employer-employee relationship. Personnel who are in the goverment service as of Nov 30, 2012 and have renreded at least 4 months service during the year os of Nov 30, 2012.

For details

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