De La Salle University scholarship grants to 50 deserving graduate 2013

DLSU Scholarship Program
De La Salle University (DLSU) is giving full scholarship grants to 50 best graduates from government hHS under its Vaugirard Scholarship Program (VSP) (The scholarship program is named after Vaugirard, France, the location where St. John Baptist de La Salle founded his first novitiate) .

The grant scholarship consists of 100% free tuition fee, free 100% miscellaneous and other fees throughout their study in De La Salle University - (the 3rd best University in the Philippines) , a monthly allowance of P 10,000.00 to for accommodation, food and travel expenses, and advance enrollment privileges. Cash incentives also await those who graduate with Latin Honors.

For application requirements and other information about the program, all concerned may contact the Office of Admissions and Scholarships of DLSU, Taft Avenue, Manila at telephone nos. (02) 536-0225; (02) 524-4611 local 162

For requirements and External Testing Center for Applicants from Public High Schools

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