2013 Philippines Youth Games - Batang Pinoy

Pursuant to executive order #44 from the office of the President dated December 2, 1998, entitled declaring the Philippine YOuth Games Batang Pinoy as the national sports development program for children. 

The DepED and the DILG being co chairmen of the National Physical Fitness adn Sports Development Program shall assist the PSC in planning information dissemination, coordination, monitoring and actual implementation of the program. The 2013 Philippines Youth Games Batang Pinoy shall be held in cluster on the ff dates and venues

Mindanao Qualifying Leg Aug 24-31 Tagum City
Visayas Qualifying Leg Sept 24-28 Maasim City Southern Leyte
Luzon Qualifying Leg Oct 15-19   Iba Zambales
National Finals  Nov 19-23  Zamboanga City

The PYG's aims is to address the cuntrys need for a comprehensive grassroots program centered on values formation inherent in the practice of sprots and play such as patriotism, nationalsim, slef discipline, respect for law and order, hard work, team work, camaraderie, sportsmanship and fair play.

The guidelines for the participation of public school elementary pupils and secondary students as atheletes and the involement of school officials and personnel, teachers as well as coaches and officialting are as follows;

Pupils and students atheletes and school coaches shall be shouldered by the local governmetn units

The LGU shall coordinate with the division/city schools PESS and school sports superisors regarding identification, recruitment and participation of the pupils student atheletes and the designation of coaches.

PE and other DepED Teacher and non teaching personnels selected by the NSA as confirmed by the PSC shall serve as officiating officials.

Make up classes shall be held after each cluster and national championship.

PSC shall allocate funds for the 2013 PYG Batang Pinoy.

Punlic school premisses shall not be used as sports competition venues,billeting areas and other purposes unless otherwise approve the the DepEd through the office of the UNdersecretary for Regional operations

DepEd Memo 142 S 2013

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