Supplemental Guidelines in the Grant of Special Emergency Leave

CSV Memorandum Circular No. 16 S 2012

Deped Teacher
Pursuant to CSC Resolution No. 1201642 promulgated on Oct 4, 2012, the Commission has resolved to adopt the following supplemental guidelines int e grant of special emergency leave to government employees affected by natural calamities/disasters as provided in CSC MC. No. 2 s 2012

1. The special emergency leave shall be granted to employees directly affected by all natural calamities/disasters that occurred after typhoon Ondoy.

2. The grant of the special emergency leave shall be based on the declaration of state of calamity by the Pres. of the Phils or by the local Sangunian pursuant to section 16 of RA No. 10121 - Philippines Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Act of 2010

However in case  a specific area was not declared under state of calamity but was nonetheless severely affected by the national calamity or disaster, the head of agency in the exercise of his or her source discretion may grant the special emergency leave to affected employees based on proof or evidence presented or news account.

3. The special emergency leave shall be for a maximum of 5 days in a year. The said leave is non commutative and non cumulative.

4. The special leave may be availed of within 30 days from actual occurence of the natural calamity.

5. The had of agency/office shall take full responsibility in the grant of th e special emergency leave. as such he or she shall set parameters in granting said leave which may include among others the verification of the situation and extent of damage caused by the calamity  to the affected employees.

Extension of the allowed maximum 5 days for special emergency leave shall be subjected to the sound discretion of the head of the agency and the agency internal policy on the matter.

6. Every agency is enjoin to come up with a long term plan to address the conditions of its employees affected by natural calamity. The said
plan may include provisions for extending immediate relief or other forms of assistance to employees and assisting them in relocating resident if possible.

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