National Science and Technology Fair for School Year 2013-2014

DepEd Memo 159 S 2013

The Department of Education, through the Bureau of Secondary Education, announces the conduct of the National Science and Technology Fair for School Year 2013 - 2014 on December 3-6, 2013 at a venue to be announced later. The conduct of he school division and regional STF shall be held on the following dates;

Online registration and submission of school level entries  Aug 1-25 2013
Actual conduct of School level fair  Aug 29-31
Actual conduct of division level fair  sept. 12-14. 2013
Actual conduct of regional level fair  Oct 3-5,2013

STF aims to promote Science and Technology consciousness among the youth and to indentify the most creative,innovative and the best Science and Technology researchers who will represent the country in the Interl International Science and Engineering fair. The schools are encouraged to promote Science, Technology and Mathematics investigatory projects and will address environmental protection and conservation of the ecosystem.

The submission, evaluation and judging of research and projects for the school, division and regional STF shall be done online through website adddress: See enclosure no 6 for furhter details on Scientific Review Committee r the Board of Judges.

4. The research plan and scientific research paper must follow and format specified on the ISEF Rules. The project proponents should review and download the 2014 ISEF rules and guidelines and all the required forms at They should visit Interl ISEF Rules Wizad: for guidance in their planned projects. This tool will proide a list of forms that must be completed prior to the submission of the projects. In addition, all research projects from the school to the regional leel must undergo peer, teacher and expert evaluation.

5. The official participants from each region at the National Level DepED BSE Science and Technology Fair shall only be the Rank 1 Regional Winners in each of the differnnt categories, whose entries have been approved by the National Scientific Review Committee. The 4 individuals and the team project researches are represented by 4 project leaders, namely, 2 selected teachers advisers, one regional science fair coordinator, and regional math supervisor, The total number of official participants shal lbe 12 per region.

6. The travel expenses of the participants in the nationla level STF shall be charged to local funds or other soucers, whereas the expenses of DepED BSE staff board and lodging of officials participants, materials, transportation, relatove to these activities, prizes and honoraria of members of the SRCs, BOJs and external or non DepED resources persons shall be charged to the nationwide lump sum in support of RSHS subject to usual accounting and auditing.

7. The following are enclosed for guicance of all concerned:

1  Guidelines on the National STF 2013-2014
2. Schematic Diagram on the Flow of STF Activities
3. 2013 Caledar of Important STF Activities and Requirements
4. Format of Research Paper
5. Format of the Data and Report
6. DepED NSTF User Guide
7. Project Evaluation Form
8. Scientific Revie of STF Project Write up

Download the soft copies of the Internal Rules for Pre College Science Research: Guidelines for Science and Engineering Fir for SY 2013  and 2014 here.

8. Registration fee for the each participants.Student with etnries, Research advisers, supervisors in science and math

Division P2000
Regional P4500

For more information, all concerned may contact Mr. Joseph Jacob, Eduation Prgoram Scpecialist, Curriculum Development Division Bureau of Secondary Education.


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