Using Diversion Technique as Behaviour Management in the Classroom

Squirrels, that is what they remind me associated with. We were all that age group once and we were all just like squirrels! Have you ever watched a squirrel? Move, freeze for two seconds, flick tail, and also repeat. The trick to be a successful high school instructor is holding their attention for more than the few seconds. Believing that it  is possible needs a huge leap of commitment and trust which the depedteacher usually has.

It does not take long for instructors to learn that it is extremely hard to speak over high schooler, as well as the "dictator" act may get conformity for a bit, but also in the long run, only develops ill will along with passive disobedience when you turn your back.

So what is remaining? How does a High school teacher cope? A couple of tools: Distraction plan along classroom activity is a good classroom behaviour management strategies.

I have found that prime school students thrive on relationships and respond effectively to praise. Having a good time, letting your hair lower, sharing personal (related) experiences with them generates those relationships. On the reverse side, getting to know the students' likes and talents creates a connection that allows you to push a student to greater heights than would otherwise be possible. However even with all this, sometimes their squirrel-ness is mind-boggling. That is when you grab the secret weapon: Diversion.

In the Classroom: Diversion
Students were working in groups and I also could tell they were getting off target due to the fact sidebar conversations were sprouting up. So I told them, "stand up" and started asking them inside the classroom to point for you to and touch numerous objects around the area and on the surfaces. I was able to grow it back to having the pupils talking by asking them what this is. A couple of seconds took a couple of minutes to obtain them all focused once again and we were able to proceed.

Rewards is perfect for group study
Every now and then I get their attention through praising and rewarding a group with "token". "This group knows what they are supposed to be doing...!" The moment I do this, additional groups get the information and I do not have to maintain nagging them to pay attention and get busy. Those extra credit peel off stickers work the same way.

Structure that creates routine
Schedule and structure are essential for high school students but so is spontaneity as well as obtuseness. Students need something to look forward too so that they can get more token which can use to build their self-esteem. I learned to use tokens from conferences and workshops -- novelty pencils and dog pens, pads, erasures, are just little things that makes different. I always have a mystery bag every week that students can aimed for it too. It’s like champion belt or trophy that transfer each weekends.  Student’s action to get the grand price when done regular could become routines. Even you stop this reward system, students will crab for rewards and turn attention to other subjects for other possible objectives. Superior student in the classroom should be given private talk to avoid any dominance. How they handle the secret is a matter of your skills in negotiation. Establishing routines could be a good positive behaviour management strategies.

Jokes and riddles are still effective
My quickly arranged jokes and riddles help me to get students to get the attention again. Personal testimonies are incredibly powerful, even during middle of discussion. Handful of my students really believes that I was a new matador, but they play together with my stories because it distracts them.

We have always believed that the most effective discipline plan is to have a good lesson prepare, but for high school students, you have to have plan A, B and distraction plan. It's important to remember: high school sometimes get flustered and frightened effortlessly, while also being very easily drawn into the learning with solid anticipations and behavior boundaries.

What techniques and techniques do you use to actually cope with high school students?
Do you have a recommended behaviour management resources?


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