Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013

DeEd Order 43 s 2103

Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act no 10533 otherwise known as the Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013

1. For the information and guidance of all concerned, enclosed is a copy of the Implementing Rules and Regulation of Republic Act no 10533, entitled An Act Enhancing the Philippines Basic Education System by Strengthening its Curriculum and Increasing the Number of Years for Basic Education, Approaching Funds Therefor and for other purposes.

2. Pursuant to Section 41 of this IRR, this Order shall take effect 15 days after its publicatio in the offcial gazette or in 2 newspapers of general circulation. As such, the IRR will take effect on Sept 24, 2013 since it was publised on Sept 9, 2013 in newspaper, the Manila Times and Business Mirror.

3. All orders, Memoranda and other related issuances inconsistent witht he contents of this DepED Order are deemed amended accordingly upon its effetivity.

4. Immediate dissemination of and strict compliance with this order is directed.


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