2014 Metrobank MTAP DepED Math Challenge

DepEd Memo  NO. 205 s 2013

1. Metrobank Foundation, Inc Mathematics Teachers Association of the Philippines and the Deaprtment of Education will hold the 2014 Metrobank MTAP DepED Math Challenge from Nov 4 to March 1, 2014.

2. The overall objective of the competition is to contribute in improving the quality of Mathematics education in the Philippines. Specifically, it aims to:

a. awaken greater interest in Math among elementary and secondary students from both public and private schools all over the country.

b. encourage them to strive for excellence in Math.
c. encourage them to master basic Math Skills
d. discover talents among students
e. develop in them the values of hard work, perseverance, honesty, teamwork and sportmaship
f. provide them with opportunities in leadership and cooperative undertaking

3. The following docuemnts and forms are contained in the enlosure for reference.

1. Guidelines including constest schedules.
2. Operating Guidelines
3. Registration Form for both public and private school
4. Summary of participants for the Elemination ROund.

4. All public and private schools are required to accomplish a one page registration from contained in enclosure no 3 duly cerified by the school principal/register which indicates the schools official contestants and coaches per grade or year level.

For more information, Contact Sr. Illuminada COronel, President, Mathematics Teachers Association of the Philipppines.Send inquir to iccoronel_mtaphil@yahoo.com or dial 02-709-447. mark.ravanzo@metrobank.com.ph, aareyes@metrobank.com.ph

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