2013 Education Week Celebration

DepEd Memorandum No. 218 S 2013

2013 Education Week Celebration

Pursuant to Presidential Proclamation No 2399 dated Feb 25, 1985 designing the 2nd 2eek of December of eery yeas as Education Week, the Department of Educaiton shall celebrate the 2013 Education Week Nationwide with the theme K to 12 Basic Educaiton Curriculum: Developing Lifelong Learners Towards Inclusive Growth and Nation Building on December 9-13, 2013.

The celebration aims to:

a. provide awareness among stakeholders on the rold of education as a stimulus towards national development;
b. reaffirm and emphasize the role of eduation in empowering and developing the young to be productive citizens of the country and responsive to the needs of the times
c. Drum up support and cooperation among stakeholders for the implementation of the Enhanced Basic Education Program k-12
d. Strenthen coopoeration among stakeholders in education to support the necessary and significant changes to achieve quality and relevant educaton and
e. inspire every education to do more for the schoolchildren to ensure their future.

All schools officials are encouraged to conduct simple and austere programs and activities during the week consistent with the theme and objectives of this years celebration. Suggested acitivies are found here.

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