How to Passed the qualifying exam for Principal - Some Tips

For those who are aspiring to become school heads or principal they need more time for

reading and reliable reviewer such as: 

  1. Module on leadership,
  2. Deped books of rule and vital laws on Philippine Education,
  3. Principal Handbook,
  4. Questions and Answer on Basic Education by former deped undersecretary Franklin Sunga,

etc..without these it is very difficult for them to passed the qualifying exam for Principal.

If you have additional tips, please share with aspiring principals

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This is a very good tip. However, I have found wrong with your statement particularly in the phrase "to passed the qualifying exam..." it should be written as "to pass" Why? It is an infinitive phrase for it is preceded by the word "to" then it should be followed by a regular form of the verb. Please do check your grammar especially in the infinitive phrase.


may result na po ba ang nqesh january 2014?

I agree with Mr. Camporazo. Please edit your title. I really appreciate your effort for sharing this post.

To those who want "to pass" the LET, please visit my FB group or check out my home page at

Thank you. :-)

~ Ron Banzagales

To pass the exam, you need to spend at least half a million.Principal Test is for sale.

The results of the qualifying exam are not on your transcript or at least, they never showed up on mine, probably because you don't get credit for it. And if you fail the exam twice, there's always still the option buy essay to transfer to another school I failed the quails twice at my first grad school I think because I never bothered studying for it, transferred to a much better school somehow and passed there the first time finally took it seriously and studied. Never saw any of the three results on transcripts.