2014 Battle of the ICT Wizards

DepEd Advisory No. 282, s. 2014
1. The dates of the Contest which will be held by cluster were changed as follows:

2. Paragraph 3 was corrected to read as follows: The participants will be utilizing different computer applications and programs to create innovative designs in the fields of Digital Arts, Web Design, and Programming.

 3. Paragraph 4 was also corrected to read as follows:

The Mindanao Cluster covered the regions of Southern and Western Mindanao, and ARMM for the information of all concerned, The Contest is open to all elementary pupils and high school students from both public and private schools nationwide.

The participants will be competing in the following categories:

 Elementary -
 MS Powerpoint
 Quiz Bee

 Secondary -
Adobe Photoshop
Visual Basic
 Adobe Flash
Digital Photography
Quiz Bee On-the-spot
PC assembly and troubleshooting

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