Popo the Penguin - Story Writing for student

Popo once ventured out of the glass walls that confined him inside Oceanic Bay. People once wondered why a penguin was walking around in broad daylight and on the streets nonetheless! He remembered himself thinking why the air was so... so polluted. The ground was not as cold as the one before, and the temperature seemed so high he thought he was having heatstroke.

He almost laughed at the memory but turned serious when it came to the part when he was about to be hit by a car. It almost seemed like slow motion. It always mystified him why Jane, who was a stranger at that time, saved him. She never really knew him, but she certainly saved him from certain death!

Ever since then, he and Jane, the woman's name, became closer. She brought him to her house and Popo became too attached to her that he didn't let himself go back to his home, Oceanic Bay. Of course, the owner didn't find it amusing. But Jane promised him she would bring him back when he was old enough.

Jane, being originally lonely even from her childhood, became happy with Popo by her side. He always encouraged her when she was down, and she always felt it when he was down as well. They supported each other in rough times, and they did it as if they weren't bothered by the fact Jane was a human and he was a penguin. Of course, they never left the training aside.
Everyday, Jane would train Popo and teach him new tricks. Eventually, this became a hobby until they decided to use the tricks he learned for money. They were happy. Always. It all seemed like a dream. The people always viewed them like they were two best friends that were strange enough to befriend each other, but even with all of the insults, they continued on being friends. Their friendship lasted for such a long time that the people didn't question about it anymore.

Time passed and seasons changed. Popo was already an adult penguin and he was excited for the harder tricks that Jane promised she would teach him. He remembered being so excited he kept on skipping in the bathroom (that was his 'room'). But at that time, he didn't know Jane's sad eyes were an indication for something much worse than almost getting hit by a car.

That night, Jane woke up early in the night. She gave Popo to a man clad in black shirt and pants. The moment he woke up, he remembered sadly, he recognized the crisp but cold feel in the air and the coldness of the ground.

At that time, he thought he was back in Oceanic Bay. But he was wrong. It wasn't Oceanic Bay at all. It was his home; his real home. It was the place that he should've been. His home was here, in the cold region of the earth. And he knew exactly why he was here.
Ever since then, Popo never saw Jane. He didn't know how she was doing right now, but he always prayed she was in good hands. Deep in his heart, he knew that without meeting Jane, he wouldn't be able to go back. And Popo was forever grateful


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