DepEd Order for Electronic Class Record orm 137 for Senior HS

Provision of the DepEd Electronic Class Record and Form 137 for Senior High School

The Department of Education (DepEd) issues the Electronic Class Record (ECR) and Form 137 for Senior High School (SHS), which are tools to manage and organize the learner’s academic records. The ECR was designed to help subject teachers compute the grades of SHS learners per quarter and semester while the Form 137 contains the historical academic and co-curricular records of learners in SHS.

To ensure ease of use and lessen technical difficulties, the ECR and Form 137 were created using a basic spreadsheet file. SHS teachers can download it for free from the DepEd official website: and from the Learner Information System (LIS) website:

For questions and clarifications related to spreadsheet management using the customized format and formula for these electronic forms, SHS teachers may approach the Division Information Technology Officer or their designated Information Communications Technology (ICT) Coordinator.  Both are expected to extend technical assistance, promote the use of the ECR for SHS, and guide schools in navigating the electronic copy of the Form 137 for SHS.

DepEd cautions teachers from individuals or groups who will try to sell electronic or print copies of these tools. Teachers may report such incident to the Bureau of Human Resource and Organizational Development–School Effectiveness Division (BHROD–SED) at or at telephone no. (02) 633-5397.

All concerned may contact the same office for feedback and suggestions on how to make the ECR and Form 137 better.
Immediate dissemination of and strict compliance with  this Order is directed.

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