Consultative and Planning Conference for Technical - ocational Skills Competition

In conformity tot he recently conductted YECS and STEP annual Evaluation, Planning COnference and Workshop last July 1-6 2008 at the Marikina Hotel, Marikina City, There is a need to call for a 2day consultative and planning conference for the technical vocational regional representatives, school principals, dpartment heads and TVE teachers to achieve the following objectives;

1. Craft and finalize the Tech - VOc contest package.
2. Plan for the forhcoming competition in the regional and national levels scheduled on OCtober and November 2008 respectively.
3. Identify and discuss issues and concerns relative to the competitions.

Participants are requested to attend the conference from July 30 to August 1 2008 at the Development Academy fo the Philippines (DAP) Tagaytay CIty.

Participants are advised to bring along job order/contest packages/criteria or contest guidelines relatige to skills in all areas of specialization. Please call 026339346 6320170 for details.,%20s.%202008.pdf

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