Classroom Construction Requirements

DepEd have new classroom construction requirements. The need for the school to serve for more longer period and the possibility of using it as evacuation center provides the idea of creating a school that stand on natural calamities.

Lapus said that "DepEd is currently stepping-up its efforts to strengthen capacities of public schools for disaster risk reduction. With the help of UNICEF, the school can truly become a child-friendly place."

This hazard-resilient model utilizes concrete and steel thatmake for sturdy buildings. The roof is reinforced by concrete beams to withstand pressure, and is covered by felt fabric to make it waterproof. To protect the books and armchairs against flooding, the floor line is built one meter above natural soil.

Schools built after this model are provided with steel doors and windows, and are expected to last for 50 years.

These standard two-classroom buildings are intended for both learning and public use. These can be used as evacuation centers during calamities and emergencies. Each classroom can accommodate 63 students or at least six families.

On November 17, 2008, DepEd Secretary Jesli Lapus and UNICEF Country Representative Vanessa Tobin will lead a turn-over ceremony of one of the completed school buildings under UNICEF's Safe Schools Project at the Rawis Elementary School in Legaspi City.


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