DepEd to innovate school sports program

Realizing the performance of the country in international competition, the Department of Education is now thinking on innovating school sports program.

It can be noted that student in public high school are being trained by not qualified PE Teachers. How many social studies, science and math teachers serve as coach - trainor for the student both in Elementary and High School. Most of the time, the PE Teachers do not know the basic sports skills. This is happen if the PE teacher loves more music and dance rather than Sports as what they are hired for.

It is also common to coach - trainor to start the pupils training only during school athletic meet. You will see, there is no school program at all. There are some schools who are lucky enough to have a teachers who are former college varsities. You will see their students performance during provincial athletic. I myself being computer instructor have my own athletic team. It cost me regular shuttle cock & Yonex racket for the school do not have fund for equipments.

Lapus is now batting for the creation of a Sports Academy to institutionalize and professionalize training in sports. He keynoted today the "Seminar on New Trends and Innovation on Coaching Athletic Sports" organized by the Private Schools Association of ParaƱaque (PSAP), held at the Olivares College Stadium in Sucat, ParaƱaque.

"Through the Sports Academy, we can bring in new technologies so that our athletes can measure up to international practices and standards," he said.

He shared in the event, which drew athletes, sports coaches, teachers and youth, that "continuous training of coaches in different sports as well as accreditation of technical officials is being pursued in DepEd in order to improve their competencies."

Lapus strongly pushed for students' well-rounded development involving physical, mental and spiritual growth. He cited the importance of a sound mind and sound body. He pointed out that the people's champion Manny Pacquiao is the poster boy of DepEd's Alternative Learning System.

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