DepEd will now pay for the Internet connection - GILAS Project

Lapus said that while DepEd is grateful for the support of Ayala Foundation through its GILAS Program, more needs to be done. "After the foundation provided internet access for our public school students, the challenge for us at DepEd is to sustain the program by working with other private sector groups to make internet access affordable," he explained.

"I was informed that in spite of earnest efforts, some of our connected schools have been unable to maintain the internet access that GILAS has provided. Thus, I would like to take this opportunity to announce that DepEd will take on the challenge of sustainability," added Lapus.

Normally, the source of public school fund to pay internet connection will come from Local government. Another source could be the PTCA or PTA through voluntary donation. Some resourceful school principal could get fund from private companies. That if the school is located in town or cities. For barangay high school, the resources are limited.

Fortunately, the DepED Central Office now realize that they have to help those less fortunate high school who has internet connection but lost it due to unpaid bill from Globe and PLDT.

At present, there are 2020 public high schools that have benefited from free internet connection under GILAS. Free Internet connection is good only for 1 year. In the succeeding, the school need to pay the monthly fee amounting between P2000 to P3000.

Inquire in your division or regional office about the requirements.


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