No Collection During Enrollment

DepEd Region 12 Director issued memorandum to all school administrator, principals and public school teachers. The memorandum stated stress the no collection policy during enrollment period. Returning students are not obliged to pay any amount of peso when they come back to school. This is to support the DepEd's campaign on back to school program which is aim of reducing out of school youth.

The DepEd have set up a watch group to make sure that implementation of no payment policy will be followed. They are also urging the PTA not to collect any fees in the opening of classes nor use the schools enrollment procedures as way to collect parent’s financial obligation.

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1 Komento ng Ulirang Guro:

in some provinces of cebu where in the school schedule the enrollment in the brigada schedule the head teacher, said to the teachers collect P10.00 for brigada project, teacher cnnot complain bec. it's the allibay of the head, tel now no project seen... being a parent this is ms administration, ms cnduct...
pls follow-up with this matter, parent concern