DepED's Noodle's Contract is now Suspended

DepEd ordered the suspension and investigation by independent body, the feeding program particularly the purchased of more than P20 pesos worth of noodles from JEVERPS Manufacturing Corporation. The secretary mentioned that the independent body must be expert on nutrition, cost-estimation and distribution capabilities of the supplier.

The contract awarded to JEVERPS Corporation is P427 million pesos worth of ready to cook noodles. DepEd already purchased from this company last school year while continuation of the program in this school year leads to higher price of noodle pack. The pack noodle is now P22 per 100gm while the market value of the noodle with the same size is about P12 per pack.

Senator Mar Roxas who is campaigning for President this coming 2010 election exposed the alleged OVERPRICED noodles. Sen. Enrile do not believed that the noodle have malunggay ingredients, while Sen Mar Roxas wonder why the DepEd did not purchase from known company like NESTLE PHILIPPINES OR UNIVERSAL ROBINA CORPORATION. The senator said the Government will lost P100 million pesos in this anomalous deal continue. He also said that erring officials of the Department of Education are still liable even the contract is suspended.

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2 Komento ng Ulirang Guro:

The real cost of instant noodles street price is just Php 6.50 why the big bulge?

Corruption i think has gone to levels beyond measure nga hasta pagkaon sa mga bata nga mupay temporary na bulingkaton pa jud! wala na gyud diay kwarta ang gobyerno ron?

This is a call for the authorities, to look into the procedures of proper bidding and accounting carefully. This is one shameful reprise imagine a "noodle scam". hahaha

sana yang binulsa nila sa "noodle scam" na yan, idagdag n lng nla sa salary increase natin thi july.........tsk! tsk!