Proportional Vacation Pay for Teachers

DepEd Memorandum 207 Series of 2009

Computation of Proportional Vacation Pay for Teachers for school year 2008-2009

To all Teachers

1. This is to provide the field offices with uniform basis in the computation of the Proportional Vacation Pay that an elementary and secondary teacher under the teachers leave basis is entitle to.

2. Teacher who have rendered continuous services for this School Year from June 10, 2008 to April 3, 2009 shall be entitle to 74 days Proportional Vacation Pay including Christmas Vacation days from April 4 to May 31 2009 computed as follows.

Total no of days service = 298
(June 10, 2008 to April 3, 2009)

Less Christmas Vacation Days = -16 days
(Dec 20 to Jan 4 2009)

Actual days served = 282 days
Multiply factor x 0.262

Total PVP including Christmas vacation = 74 days
Less Christmas Vacation = -16 days
PVP earned from April 4 to May 31 2009 = 58 days

For complete computation of derivation factor visit here.

Factor 0.262 shall be used for the computation of absences and PVP this school year.

Immediate dissemination of this DepEd Memorandum


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8 Komento ng Ulirang Guro:

I've been teaching for almost 6 years in a public school under the PTCA for 2 years and 3 years under the Local School Board funded by the Local Government. Last January 2009, i was integrated in the National Roll.
My question is, am i not entitle to the said Proportional Vacation pay tho i rendered services in the local government?
I received my April salary, however, just yesterday, i was informed that i have to refund the April salary that i received for the reason that i was just integrated last January.
IS my work experience in the local government as teacher NOT counted?
Please clarify..thanks a lot!

i have rendered 1yr teaching service as a substiture teacher. However the first appointment was jun16-sept 23 2010, the second one was sept 27-dec21 2010,the last one wAS JAN 04 2011-APRIL3 will i calculate d PVP?

ive been teaching for 9 years...but i havent received such above mentioned...

Bakit lagi nalang superiours ang mag evaluate sa mga teachers..bakit wala ring karapatan ang mga teachers mag evaluate sa mga school head? unfair diba?...

ask ko lng po pregnant ako bfore ngleave ako for almost 4mos without pay po un at sick leave po un and another 2mos for maternity leave na apo gusto ko lng po malamng f may makukuha parin ako proportional pay,thnx po..

ask lang po kami kong anu talaga ang computation ng pvp coz almost mag end na naman ang may wla pang dep ed memo kung anu talaga ang computation?


Pasensya na po, wala po kaming kaalaman tungkol po dito sa PVP, may natatanggap po ba tayong cash sa PVP or eto po ba yung payment sa atin para sa April and May?pasensya na po, matagal na po ako sa service pero ngayon ko lang po ito narinig.Please tulungan nyo po kaming magkaroon ng kaalaman about PVP.Thank you.