Mar Roxas Answers to DepED Teachers Questions

These are about the two questions DepEd Teacher able to ask with the Presidentiable Mar Roxas. Short meeting was held in IT Park Cebu for almost 1 hour with free cakes and drinks from the visitor.

There are lots of questions aligned and it was lucky that our questions got the priority. Mar Roxas arrived about 5:00pm last Thursday of June 12, 2009 in IT Park. Since the bloggers usually meet up in IT Park so it became the venue of the meeting.

After introducing myself and my background in Education as well as being quitter from the ICT Training team of Region VII, i was able to give two questions.

Here is my first education related question:
The people in the academe are pushing for grade 7 and 5th high school, what is your opinion about this? He answers in more complete and detailed yet these are the answer’s summary.

1. He is in favor of grade 7 even if this cost the parents.
2. He understand that our Asian competitor are spending 12 pre-college years and time will come if we did not move further with the additional program, our competitiveness will be threaten by our neighboring ASIAN countries.
3. He said this is also one of the appropriate solutions in the poor training of public students. He stressed the need to focus the training on language and IT since we are gearing for the best provider of quality BPO service where there are employment opportunities.
4. We might have enough budgets for the whole public pupils but at least our limited resources are spent on the right things.

So dear parents and teachers be ready now for grade 7 if this man wins the election.

Here is the second teacher's related question. I believed as veteran teachers that 90% to 95% of public school teachers are demoralize how you could help teacher bring back its pride.

He said, I am one of the signatory of the P6000 salary increase for teachers. I understand that the DepEd teachers wanted P9000 but we consider the situation. The increase is not only for teachers but also for all public workers. He believed that the P6000 is already moral booster for the teachers.

He already mention when he is asked about the priorities in which education will be one of his top. He will provide solutions to the problem of classroom, textbook and number of teachers. He will start with grade 1 then grade 2 in gradual manner as the budget is available.

I briefly mention to him the present system of Department of Education especially in promotion and he said this is part of his priority which is about corruption. He said he will place the right person in the right position.

Now dear teachers, if you have questions to this Presidentiable, you can comment in this blog and we can send it to him through our friends in bloggers society.

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2 Komento ng Ulirang Guro:

pupunta sana siya sa davao to meet with the bloggers and alike.. katulad ninyo.

grade 7? hmmm... i remember an encounter with a foreigner when i told him the educational system here and he was like "how do you survive college?!" LOL i just told him we are fast learners LOL

as for the link exchange, sure np, much appreciated.