Bloggers Meeting with Mar Roxas

These are questions & answers the Bloggers gather during our meeting with the Presidentiable. Some answers are quoted from Mar Roxas for he speaks with more details.

Mar Roxas in Cebu with Cebu Bloggers Society1. Why did Mar Roxas used the padyak as a symbol of his campaign?
He said Filipinos are mirror of the padyak workers in our country. These young workers are using their muscle because they do not have education. This is one of his priorities once he became president, he said. He will provide quality and free education to POOR Filipinos to have them the opportunity to compete with others.

2. In his TV appearance and his relatetionship with Korina Sanchez.
He said the TV appearance was not scripted and the answers are not planned. It is the WoWoWie who brought them into the situation. Yet his feelings and action are all natural and no drama. He also said, “in fact this Sunday we will be going to Pamanhikan. He also mentions that he is not mambobola and never will become.

Therefore we can expect the wedding within this year.

3. What is his stand in the Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho issue?
He said he is satisfied with the Senate committee conducting the investigation. He side with Katrina Halili of course. He said, Katrina may or may not aware that their love making is being video but NO WOMAN WILL ALLOWED to put his video in live internet or any public production.
4. What is his position about Federalism?
He is favor in this type of government but it should be done slowly and carefully. He is aware the possible increase of taxes by the citizen because this type of government will produce additional offices in the creation of the “new state government”.

There will be state police and National Guard aside from National Arm Forces. The state court will be established and state public offices will create more jobs as well as more burdens to taxes payer. Most of all he is worried with politician who controlled some provinces in the country. His exampled is the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia where the state separates to its Federation that cause civil war. He does not like to have Republic of Mindanao or Republic of Cebu. In short it should be done in careful process.

5. What is his top 3 priority? He said it is four and these are:

a. Corruption - According to him the root of our poverty is corruption. The politician and leaders in the government offices are taking a BIG KICK BACK to every government projects resulting to unsuccessful program. He gives example in the noodle story of the Department of Education where in procurement section of central office purchased P22 worth of Noodles while it could be purchased at P7 each.

MAR ROXASDuring his term as DTI secretary he receives lot of complains from both local and foreign investors. He said that most LGU units are always asking money from the Investors.

b. Justice and fairness. There is a need to focus on the improvement of justice and fairness in our country. Often those who have big budget always find PALUSOT in our justice system. He discusses more in this topic and I am not sure with the terminologies.

c. I could not remember the third priority. Yet he mention about Education and Agriculture. He said, he will prioritize the number of classroom and the ratio of teachers. He does not like purchasing rice from Vietnam while the Filipino farmers are living in unfair PALAY pricing and low production of crops. He will work with the Agriculture department and his target is to stop the importation of rice while support the local farmers to produce more and keep them away from opportunist rice distributor who control the business of RICE. He believed that the Filipino farmers should be able to feed the country’s population.

d. I will continue the fourth priority soon I get the written script.

6. Business and employment. He said through quality education and continuous training we will have better opportunity in international markets. He said we can not beat India in Outsourcing business because they only ask for $3 to $4 per agents while we are in between $7 to $10. However, our advantages are language, skills and value added service so he favor more
trainings, tax reduction and support for the Philippines call center Industry regarding infrastructures . He considers himself the father of BPO in the Philippines since it was his time in DTI when this industry started to flourish.

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This happened in Manila or here in Cebu City?
What a great to met Mar Roxas.
I'm interested in Web Designing coz I'm planning to make one for our school soon. Pls PM me about that matter.

This was held in “Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf” situated in the i2 Building, IT Park, Cebu, Philippines last Thursday, June 11, 2009.

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Yes I remember this store now. They have delicious cakes. Highly recommended. Try nyo

nice post... It's a great pleasure of being one of those who have met the senator - and I am one of them...

Bert, I can not find your link exchange page.

As for Mar Roxas...hopefully he will really do his role as a political leader in our country.

I do not know what the intentions of Mar Roxas really are. I am based in Roxas City but I never have seen anything that Mar Roxas did to help improve the city except for the banners. It seems that he does not care. I am not envious of the Cebu bloggers, I am amazed of their unity. But if only Mar Roxas opened his eyes wider, there are a lot of bloggers here in Roxas City that can help him. At least, it will prove that he have done something for his hometown

DepEd Sec Jesli Lapus visited Zamboanga del sur and Pagadian city Last week..wlang awang pinaghihintay ang mga estudyante sa gilid ng kalsada na basang basa sa ulan..nagkasakit tuloy ang mga gulat ang mga tao sa amin akala may boxing sa DepED.manny versus Jesli naka tarpuline.

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