NEAP Trained Thousand Principals

The (NEAP) National Educators Academy of the Philippines (NEAP) spent P55.18M last year for education development planning training last year.

They also include the school administrator for topics like record keeping, leadership, instructional leadership, school development planning and management practices.

DepED contracted the AIM or Asian Institute of Management requesting the school to offer the Management Development Program for superintendents and Basic Business Development Program for principals.

Recently, The Education Secretary is asking thousands of school leaders and officials to invest in their professional and career development since the educational issues and trends nowadays are can not be solve by the old and traditional way. The information superhighway alone are too broad and to fast is development.


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Hindi ba natin isasama si Erap Estrada

If someone consider to study them, i consider him as Idealistic and this philosophy do not have room for Filipinos anymore. We need pragmatic leaders who looks only on useful and functional knowledge.