DepEd Internet Usage Policies for Offices

Oct 13, 2009
DepEd Order No. 105 S. 2009

Administrative Use of ICT by DepED Offices

a. Internet access is only granted to a limited number of users specified by the head of office and therefore identified as authorized users.

b. Internet access is provided to employees for the purpose of study, research, service and other activities which must be in the conduct of officials business or in furtherance of the mission and purpose of DepED.
c. Each employee using the DepEd internet access shall identity themselves honestly, accurately and completely when corresponding or participating in interactive activities.

d. Employees have no right of ownership or expectation of personal privacy as to their Internet usage.

e. The Technical Service and the Regional/Division ICT Coordinators are hereby designated to monitor all Internet usage including network traffic and with or without notice to limit or restrict any employees Internet usage privileges.
f. Offensive and or subversive content, may not be accesses, displayed, archived, stored, distributed, edited or recorded using DepED network, printing or computing resources.

Offensive content includes but not limited to - pornography, sexual comments or images, profanity, racial slurs, gender specific comment or any content that can reasonably offend someone on the basis of sex, race,color,religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, mental or physical disability.

Subversive content includes but not limited to - lending aid, comfort and moral support to individuals group or organization that advocate the overthrow of incumbent governments by force and violence on the basis of treason, sedition, sabotage, espionage or acts of terrorism.

g. Accessing of prohibited sites will considered a violation of DepED Internet Usage Policies.
h. As part of Internet security, attempts o access there and other non-work related sites shall be discourage and or blocked.

i. Network Administrator are instructed to configure their proxy servers and or switch routers in order to filter block prohibited sites.

j. For assistance in the configuration of said equipment, contact the ICTU at tel no. 02-631-9636, 02- 633-7264 or email at

k. All sites that visited and revisited by the users should be recorded for monitoring purposes.

L. Internet access shall not be used to conduct personal business, play computer games, gamble, run a business, conduct political campaigns, activities for personal gain or to take part in any prohibited or illegal activity.

m. No employees may use the Internet access to post messages to an internet message board, chat room, web blog, listwerv or other internet communication facility except in the conduct of official business or furtherance of the DepED mission.

n. No employee may use DepED facilities knowingly to download or distribute pirated software or data. Any software or files downloaded via the Internet may bu used only in ways that are consistent with their licenses or copyrights.

o. No employee may use the DepED internet facilities to deliberately propagate any virus, worm, Trojan horse, trap door or back door program codes or knowingly disable or overload any computer system, network or to circumvent any system intended to protect the privacy or security of another user.

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