DepED new ICT Guidelines for Classroom Instruction

DepED new ICT Guidelines for Classroom Instruction

Relevant guidelines are found in the post about DepED ICT Office Guidelines.

e. The computer lab administrator is hereby designated to monitor all internet usage including network traffic and with or without notice to limit or restrict any teachers/ student internet usage privileges.

m. No teacher or student may use the internet access to post message to an internet......except in the conduct of education purposes or furtherance of the school mission.

p. Before the students can access the Internet, an orientation meeting between the students, parents or guardian and teachers must be organized and carried out. In this event, discussions will be focus on what are the roles of each of the parties involved and have an understanding on what are the benefits and risks that exist online as well as how to surf safely and responsibly.

q. After the rules have been set and understood, an online code of conduce contract must be filled up and signed by all persons concerned. Sample contract is enclosed to this DepED Order.

The DepEd urges the employees, educators, parents and students to take time to read articles at which is an education resource site whose goal is to teach individuals about cyber-ethics and cyber-safety.

For detailed topics to discuss in the teacher - parent orientation in ICT users guidelines in the school, please click here.

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