DepEd To Distribute Computers to Different High School s

DepEd Memo 473 S. 2009

Delivery of Computer Laboratory Packages to Batch 4 of the
DepED Computerization Program.

1DepED Computerization Cognizant of the potential of information and communication technology in enhancing the teaching learning environment, the Department of Education DepED shall distribute a computer laboratory package consisting of hardware, software and training to 1050 public high schools nationwide. Funds for the purpose shall be the 2006 Supplemental and 2008 Appropriation of the DepED computerization Program.

2. The recipients schools must have.

a.on site , stable and continuous supply of electricity and preferable with telephone facilities. least 1 teacher to handle computer education classes to manage the computer laboratory and willing to be trained on lab management including hardware fundamentals and servicing.
c. at least 1 teacher each of Eng,Sci and Math who are specialist in their areas and willing to be trained on pedagogy - technology and to echo training to their colleagues.
d. Support from other stakeholders in the community for needed structures or facilities.
e. NEVER been recipient of computers from other programs such as the DTIP, CITC etc.
f. strong partnership with other stakeholders to ensure sustainability.

3. The list of the recipient shall be provided by the region.

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