Philippines Stock Exchange Academe Week 2011

The Philippines Stock Exchange (PSE) will conduct its Academe Week 2011, an investing literacy project pioneered by its Market Education Department in partnership with national and recognized student organizations, Council of Economics Students, Junior Philippines Economics Society, PSE Blue Chip Club and Bedan Business Spectrum Foundation on Sept 5- 10 2-11 at the different venues in NCR.

The Academe Week aims to:

1. Educate high school, college and post graduate students and educators about stock market investing through various activities which will stir intellectual and creative abilities, and

2. encourage them to be active participants in the Philippines stock and capital markets.

All high school nationwide are enjoined to participate in this week long event either in the seminars special events and in individual or group competitions through on line registration at the PSE website.

For more information, contact Mr. Mark Valino at tel no:02-688-7539 or send a message through email addresses: or

DepEd Advisory 399 s 2011

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