Private donor offers ceiling fans for typhoon stricken schools in CDO and Iligan

Public schools in Cagayan de Oro and also Iligan cities which were emotionally vulnerable by rampaging floodwaters in Dec will receive some 1000 units of ceiling fans donated by a product manufacturing company.

Training Undersecretary Rizalino Rivera has expressed their appreciation to Camel Appliances Manufacturing Company for the gesture of supporting public schools cure the massive destruction through its donation.

“We appreciate our partners through the private sector to make the learning environment more conducive for the individuals who are just recuperating from the disaster,” explained Rivera.

The donation ended up being coursed through the Confucius Institute of the Angeles University Foundation, yet another partner of the DepEd throughout upgrading the quality of education in the public institution system.

The donations were formally acknowledged by Rivera from Dennis Perales, Leader, Camel Appliances Manufacturing Corp. And Dr. Lourdes T. Nepomuceno, Filipino Director, Confucius Institute.

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DepEd has a continuing campaign of partnering with the private sector to bridge resources gaps in public areas schools through its Adopt-A-School program. Private sector gift for public schools may be in the form of university building, school home furniture, information communication technology equipment, internet connection, teachers training, institution feeding and other schooling support equipment and also services. In turn, the actual donor can apply for tax concession with the government.

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