DepEd Request Parent to Quarantine their Children

DepEd request parent to quarantine their children who are enrolled in the schools with A(H1N1) Cases

Another school joined the list of school with suspended classes due to the virus. These are the expensive and well known Poveda Learning Center at Ortigas Center and Ateneo de Manila grade school in Quezon City.

DepEd reiterates the need to make-up the classes based on the number of days lost due to interuption. There are 206 school days for the current school year. They also requested the parents of students studying in this school to quarantine they children for 10 days. They should not be allowed to go to any public places like mall to avoid further infections among public.

On the other hand, even the children of Senator Jinggoy Estrada became the latest victim of this virus yet they recovered already. His 19-year-old Janella, who first exhibited symptoms of the flu like mild fever. She is a student De La Salle University on Taft Ave. while the younger son Jolo, might have contracted the virus from his sister. This young man is a student of another expensive and high tech school - Xavier School in Greenhills, San Juan City.


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hope that children affected with A(H1N1) won't increase...

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