Milo Sports Events for 2010

Milo Sports Events for 2010

The Nestle Philippines makers of MILO will conduct the following sports events from July to December 2010.

Milo Champ Camp School Tour
The Milo Champ Camp Team will visit the schools identified by ActivAsia, Inc. in selected areas nationwide if permitted by the school administrators. The team shall invited students a week before the even. Likewise, the parents shall be also be invited to encourage their children to participate.

The pupils/students will be divided into 2 batches with a minimum of 450 pupils/students per batch. The 1st batch of the students will be ushered to the activity area where they will learn the basic skills of 3 worlds most popular sports: basketball, baseball and soccer from certified MILO coaches. After 15 minutes, the coaches will rotate so that all the children in each batch will get to experience all 3 sports. parents shall be given lectures on the benefits of getting children into sports as well as proper nutrition.

National MILO Marathon
The National MILO Marathon which was established in 1974 with 747 runners has now expanded, integrating the 3K, 5K, 0K and 21K to accommodate more student runners. For the past 2 years, it has registered more than 200,000 runners each year. Elimination races were eld in more than 25 key cities nationwide and 1 national finals in MM.

MILO Little Olympics
The Milo Litle Olympics is an inter school competition for elementary pupils and high school students, It is composed of 5 regional competitions. It had its first National Finals in 20096 in Cebu City where 1500 champion students and officials represented their respective schools and regions.

For this year, the Milo Little Olympics will hold the regional and national finals which will open in July and August in the areas of Cagayan de Oro City, Lngayen, Manila and Cebu.

For more info contact Mr. Patricio To. Goc-Ong at tel no 02-898-0001 local 6788 or mobile 0920-9287303 or at email address:

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