International Math Championship grabbed by RP Team

Seven Filipino students have earned perfect math scores and made the country one of seven overall champions in an international competition, an official from the Philippine team said in a statement to media.

They are Hazel Abigail Lim of Hope Christian High School (Philippine Team A), Keefe Collin Tan of St. Jude Catholic School, Neil Benjamin DT. Kho of San Beda College-Alabang and Michael Brodeth of Colegio San Agustin-Makati (all of Philippine Team B); and Audrey Celine Lao of St. Jude Catholic School, Kenneth Co and Brendon Matthew Go of Xavier School (Philippine Team D), according to Dr. Simon Chua, president of the Mathematics Trainers’ Guild-Philippines (MTG).

The math contest, held in Hong Kong from July 11-15, was participated in by 44 teams from the United States, Bulgaria, South Africa, Thailand, Taiwan, India, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Mainland China, Macau and Mexico, the statement said.

The other members of the Philippine teams that contributed to the excellent performance in the Hong Kong contest are Mikaela Angelina Uy and Seanne Daphne Ng of St. Jude Catholic School, Justin Edric Yturzaeta of Jubilee Christian Academy, Samuel Christian Ong of UNO High School, Henry Jefferson Morco of Chiang Kai Shek College, Isaiah Paolo Lee of Mother Goose School, Joelle Sophia Peña of St. Pedro Poveda College, Deany Hendrick Cheng of Grace Christian High School and Julius Vincent Sy of St. Stephen’s High School.

3rd National ICTs in Basic Education Congress

The Department of Education in partnership with the FITED and the University of the Phils-OU shall conduct the 3rd National ICT COngress on basic education with the theme ' Teaching the Net Generation: Curriculum, Pedagogy and the Challenge of 21st Century Learning on Sept 10-11 200 at Waterfront Hotel, Lahug Cebu City.

The objective of the congress is to provide exchange views, examine critical issues and share good practices in designing, initiating, managing, and sustaining ICT based innovations.

New CHED Chairman is President Choice

MANILA, Philippines -- President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has offered the chairmanship of the Commission on Higher Education (CHEd) to a provincemate, a senior Palace official said Thursday.

A lawyer by profession, Angeles obtained his Bachelor of Laws at the Ateneo de Manila University and his Master of Laws and Doctor of Philosophy at the University of Santo Tomas.

Angeles also served as president and chief executive officer of the Clark Development Corporation, president of the Clark International Airport Corporation, and director of the North Luzon Railways Corporation.

Senator Pangilinan want teacher to be tested in English proficiency

PASAY CITY, Philippines -- Senator Francis Pangilinan is recommending English proficiency exams for teachers to help cope with the demands of the call center industry.

The senator, however, said English proficiency needs to be increased further as the call center industry aims to increase from 200,000 workers to a million-strong workforce by 2010.

"According to industry executives I've talked to, only three to five out of 100 applicants in call centers successfully pass applications," Pangilinan said in his keynote address the at the Call Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP) conference Thursday morning.

Pangilinan emphasized the need for linkages between the industry and the academic community in areas like curriculum development and teacher training.

"The government alone cannot help solve the country's education crisis.

Are the Elementary Teacher Ready for Computer Education

Southern Leyte solon distributes more computer sets to elementary schools

Maasin City (22 July) -- Representative Roger G. Mercado personally turned over to the school heads 24 sets of computers to selected elementary schools from Maasin City down to Pana-on Island at the Provincial Capitol, Province of Southern Leyte last Monday, July 21.

The recipients of the computers were as follows, namely, Alternative Learning Schools, Pansaan Elementary School, Lib-og Elementary School, Tomoy-tomoy Elementary School, San Isidro Elementary School, Nonok Sur Elementary School, Hanginan Multi-Grade School, Hinau Daku elementary School, Bato I Elementary School, Dongon National High School, Matin-ao Elementary School, Tawid Elementary School, Manhilo Elementary School, Tam-is Elementary School, Hinapu Gamay Elementary School, Divisoria Elementary School-Bontoc, Pintuyan National High School, Libas National High School- Sogod, Brgy. Magbagakay Elementary School - San Juan, San Isidro Elementary School - Tomas Oppus and Hingatunggan Elementary School- Silago, and the Office of the Provincial Governor.

Complete News can be found at ph

I was once in charge of inspecting computer in the schools. I know that if the schools teacher are not train for computer education these project will go to nothing.

I hope the Solon will consider this.

Taong Putik Celebration

For the people of San Juan in Metro Manila and the rest of the Catholic world, they celebrate the feast of St. John with “basaan ng tubig”. But somewhere in Nueva Ecija there’s “Taong Putik (mud people)”!

To the outside world they are called “Taong Putik”. But it is somewhat derogatory and should instead be referred to as “devotees of St. John the Baptist” or ”Pagsa-San Juan” so said the Priest in his homily that day.

I am a resident of Nueva Ecija but this was the first time I have ever visited a humble Barangay called Bibiclat in the Municipality of Aliaga, about 30 minutes drive from Cabanatuan, to witness this ritual. Of all the people I've spoken with, no one can tell me its origin.

Nueva Ecija High School Website

Community Choice Awardee: Passi National High School Website

One of the visions of the Nueva Ecija High School (NEHS) is “to prepare students for the technological demands of time.” To be able to fulfill this, the school adopts innovative approaches of teaching and makes sure that the teachers and students are equipped not only with the necessary tools but also with the essential skills.

A fruit of these skills is the NEHS official website (, an online showcase of the school’s distinction and excellence, and the Smart Schools Program’s Website of the Month for July!

For full article visit Smart Schools website

Career Executive Service (CES) Examination 2008

This has reference letter dated 22 Juuly 2008 of Executive Director Maria ANthonette V. Allones of the Career executive service board (CESB) informing us of the conduct of the written examination to be held on Aug 17, 2008 in 3 testing centers; manila, cebu and davao.

The written examination is the first of the 4 stage CES eligibility examination process. The deadline for filing f appications is on Aug 1 2008.

Signed by

Ramon Bacani
Under Secretary.

School Support from Private Institution

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An Essay for English Teachers and Literature Teacher

What is happiness to you?

In Coelho's The Alchemist, a wise man told the shepherd boy,

"[I don't] have time to explain the secret of happiness. So [I suggest] that you (the boy) look around the palace and return in two hours.

'Meanwhile, I want to ask you to do something,' said the wise man, handing the boy a teaspoon that held two drops of oil. 'As you wander around, carry this spoon with you without allowing the oil to spill.'

The boy began climbing and descending the many stairways of the palace, keeping his eyes fixed on the spoon. After two hours, he returned to the room where the wise man was.

'Well,' asked the wise man, 'did you see the Persian tapestries that are hanging in my dining hall? Did you see the garden that it took the master gardener ten years to create? Did you notice the beautiful parchments in my library?'

The boy was embarrassed, and confessed that he had observed nothing. His only concern had been not to spill the oil the wise man had entrusted to him.

'Then go back and observe the marvels of my world,' said the wise man. 'You cannot trust a man if you don't know his house.'

Relieved, the boy picked up the spoon and returned to his exploration of the palace, this time observing all of the works of art on the ceilings and walls. He saw the gardens, the mountains all around him, the beauty of the flowers, and the taste with which everything had been selected. Upon returning to the wise man, he related in detail everything he had seen.

'But where are the drops of oil I entrusted you?' asked the wise man.

Looking down at the spoon he held, the boy saw the oil was gone.

'Well, there is only one piece of advice I can give you,' said the wisest of wise men.

'The secret of happiness is to see all the marvels of the world, and never to forget the drops of oil on the spoon."

When people ask us what makes us grin from ear to ear and seem utterly in heaven; we stop to think, what really makes us happy? What fills that void deep down, so to speak. Most would fill it with worldly things eagerly succumbing to our instant materialistic desires. Nothing wrong, I must say. Others would seek other wishes, like travel – giving the eyes its own sight of satisfaction and giving back – filling that big ego space within us wanting to be embraced and enveloped with self-recognition. Whatever it is, I advocate doing the things that make us come fully alive. Things that, when doing it, leave us absolutely guilt-free, unfettered by boundaries and conscience and all other worries, as if we live on a world of our own. These are the things we so dearly love, wte just so find ourselves at peace and are comforted while doing it.

My son loves books so much he buys them all the time much to my wallet's dismay. My daughter loves the outdoors; she seldom is around in the house. My husband, adores Chowking and Dimsum, it's what we eat almost every Sunday when he comes home. I, on one hand, find sunflowers simply amazing; I even collect things with them on it.

What is the spirit that threads our self-proclaimed seemingly sweet success… squeezing in day-to-day’s busy-ness, spinning here, there and everywhere, mastering local and international scenes… soaring high , sky-rocketing awards and achievements, suiting in souvenirs, filling every space … mind and matter …

Success scenery. Health. Wealth. Abundance. We can’t take it all at one time, all at once but step by step…Taking a spoonful of daily dosage … John C Maxwell elucidates... “Success is defined by what you do daily..”

Some have dreams big enough to take the world by storm. Some effortlessly equate happiness with success. Who would not be glad about achieving finally one's goals. It's a lifelong dream.

But whatever that BIG thing is, the little things, the tiny drops of oil in the spoon, should never be forgotten. Be it a smile from our loved ones after a day's work, a ray of sunshine in the morning, or a serene walk in the sandy beaches on a windy day, or a breathtaking sunset view; these are things innate to us and things we too give much value.

Another adage puts it, “We should see the trees in the forest”. The Bible incites: “What is better for a man to gain the whole world than lost his soul”? Filipino financier’s count in, ‘Every peso comes from a lowly centavo”. A 1980 ballad belts out “I’ve been to paradise ... but I’ve never been to me… ”

Covey categorically demonstrates “Is the glass half-filled with water or half-emptied with airspace”?

So what’s really inside happy people threading success? Bucketfuls of laughter, spoonfuls of soul enriching moments & relationships, a sea of smiling faces; a second to while away … STOP and SAVOR filled spaces, fielded scenes, erstwhile, full spoons.

ATM salary of Teacher in

• Ngayon ay makukuha na sa mas mabilis at madaling paraan ang sweldo
ng mga Asatidz, o mga gurong nagtuturo ng ALIVE o Arabic Language
and Islamic Values Education ng Department of Education (DepEd).

• Sinabi ni DepEd Secretary Jesli Lapus na nagsimula nang gumamit ang
DepEd ng Land Bank ATM para sa mga asatidz na nagtuturo ng ALIVE sa
mga muslim na magaaral sa mga pampublikong paaralan.

• Ang mga “Asatidz’ ay mga “volunteers” na sinanay na magturo ng ALIVE.
Buwan buwan ay nakatatanggap sila ng P3,000 mula sa DepEd. Ang
ibang LGUs o Local Government Units na tumutulong sa DepEd ay
nagbibigay ng karagdagang P2,000 sa mga asatidz.

• Sa lumang proseso, matagal bago makuha ng mga asatidz ang kanilang
sweldo. Ayon kay Lapus, “malaking ginhawa ito para sa ating mga asatidz
na nagtuturo ng ALIVE.”

E-Learning website launce by DepEd and Intel

Interactive Learning and Teaching Technology goes live in the Philippines

DepEd and Intel® launch e-Learning website with local education content
Intel Technology Philippines, together with the Department of Education
(DepEd) today announced the availability of the Philippines’ version of the
skoool™ educational website ( skoool is an online
platform to help teachers and students learn key concepts in Mathematics and
Science. It can be accessed on the Internet for free.

DepEd and Intel Technology Philippines worked together to establish,
an e-learning website containing locally relevant educational content. The first
online resource of its kind designed specifically for students and teachers of
Math and Science subjects, provides resources to enhance their
understanding of these subjects.

“We believe that technology-aided education results in better input and output
from both teachers and students,” said Ricky Banaag, Intel Technology
Philippines country manager. “Intel’s goal is to provide technology and relevant
content to increase knowledge development in the Philippines. Intel is optimistic
that will stimulate the use of IT in education and pave the way for a
new generation of technology-savvy Filipinos,” continued Mr. Banaag.
DepEd’s Bureau of Secondary Education (BSE) reviewed and evaluated the
contents of, originally developed by Intel Ireland, and selected
lessons that aligned with DepEd’s curricula for high school levels.

“The Philippine education system needs to evolve from a teacher-led
instructional model to one that is personalized and learner-focused to meet the
challenges of the 21st century,” said DepEd Secretary Jesli Lapus. “We believe
that technology plays a major role in creating this new model that leverages on
alternative learning spaces where education happens anytime, anywhere. I
therefore encourage our teachers to access the content which could be very
helpful in the teaching/learning process.”

DepEd has an on-going ICT integration in education. It is currently focusing its
efforts towards 100% computer laboratory-equipped high schools with Internet
connectivity to majority if not all secondary schools. DepEd is also digitizing its
modules for its mobile teachers to enable them to have easier access to

The content of the skoool Philippines website consists of learning materials in
high-school level mathematics and science covering algebra, geometry,
trigonometry, statistics, biology, chemistry, and physics. Each topic consists of
lessons and exercises for students to test their comprehension, presented of in
the form of interactive animated graphics, video, and voice-over to make
complex subjects like math & science interesting and easier to understand.
Intel and the BSE developed the site’s content based on identified areas of
difficulty in these subjects and continue to leverage on the expertise of top
teachers in their fields for the ongoing development of its content.

"Intel's active involvement in education stems from our commitment to corporate
responsibility. We believe that all students deserve skills to succeed and create
the innovation of tomorrow," said Arlita Narag, Corporate Affairs Manager, Intel
Technology Philippines. "Intel believes that students at all levels everywhere,
deserve to have the skills they need to become the next generation of
innovators. That is why we count education as an important area of our
commitment to corporate responsibility." provides valuable resources to help students learn and review for
their exams, and to enable teachers to discover new methods of imparting
knowledge. The objective is to provide a rich and integrated approach to
Science and Math education, and to complement classroom teaching by
encouraging students to learn outside of the classroom.

The Philippine version of the website was based on the worldwide experience of, that Intel has developed within different countries under the concept
of skoool™ Interactive Learning and Teaching Technology. Successfully
implemented in many other countries such as UK, Ireland, Sweden and
Thailand, is an Intel-driven initiative that brings highly innovative,
interactive and exciting learning resources via cutting edge technologies and
devices to schools.

The skoool web technologies are designed for use on all personal computers
including Intel-based Classmate PCs.

Education for sustainable development - Lapus Advocates

Department of Education (DepEd) Secretary Jesli Lapus today cited the urgency of tapping both formal and informal learning systems in an effort to incorporate sustainable development and environment education in the Philippine public school curriculum.

In the Consultative Workshop on EFA Towards Sustainable Development at Club Filipino, San Juan, the Education Chief challenged local policy-makers and officials to make this Decade of Education for Sustainable Development meaningful to all.

Lapus, who is also the National Education for All (EFA) Committee Chair, said that "DepEd has directed its efforts towards the provision of basic learning tools which include care of the environment for sustainable development. Yet more needs to be done."

The United Nations – Decade of Education for Sustainable Development is a vast undertaking that requires involvement of all education stakeholders in government, civil society, educational institutions, and private organizations.

Teacher training in the areas of environment education that draws on local inputs, contexts, and values, as mentioned by Lapus, will be "strategic to meeting our Education for Sustainable Development goals."

The workshop sought to provide a platform for creating awareness of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) as a development strategy, and discuss ESD performance indicators. It also featured a discussion on the definition of ESD and how its accomplishments are measured by the Asia Pacific ESD Performance Indicators.

Further, Lapus said that "we education stakeholders have to ensure that sustainable development – which is the watchword of the century - should be well incorporated in the lessons and values we teach our children. They have to learn early on that nature is finite and there's a lot of catching up to do in terms of reviving the environment."


Communications Unit
Office of the Secretary | Department of Education
2/F Rizal Bldg., Department of Education Complex
Meralco Ave., Pasig City
T (632) 6316033 | F (632) 6364876

Conference on Chemistry Education

The Philippines Federation of Chemestry Society Inc. will hold its Asia Pacific Conference on Chemistry Education and and 24th Philippines Chemistry Congress on April 14-16 2008 in Tagbilaran Bohol with the theme. Chemistry for all, Safegurading Man, society and Environment.

Contact Mr. Luciano V Ilao 02-5285858 Press Launch

PRESENTORS : Education Secretary Jesli Lapus and
Intel Country Manager Ricky Banaag

The Department of Education and Intel will launch the online Filipino version of
the website skoool (, an educational platform that can
help teachers and students learn key concepts on Science and Mathematics,
and which they can access via the internet for free.
Photo opportunities will be available. For more information about the event,
please call Mr. Kenneth Tirado at 631-6033 or Mr. Rolly Soriano at 638-8637.
Thank you.

Muslim teachers get faster payment of allowance thru Land Bank

Muslim teachers, also called Asatidz, can now get their salaries promptly, and
more efficiently. The Department of Education said it has started paying the allowances of
Muslim teachers in public elementary schools through Land Bank’s automated
teller machines.

The Asatidz are volunteer workers trained by the DepEd to handle Arabic
Language and Islamic Values Education (ALIVE). They get a maximum
allowance of P3,000 per month from DepEd. For local government units that
can afford to pay extra, the Asatidz get an additional P 2,000.
The old procedure showed that most school divisions encountered delays in the
release of payment of the Asatidz.

“This is certainly a big relief and a more efficient way of releasing the pay of the
Muslim teachers who handle ALIVE,” Education Secretary Jesli Lapus said.
DepEd extends assistance to private madaris (Muslim schools) by integrating
basic subjects such as Mathematics, English, Science, Filipino and Makabayan
in the ALIVE program.

Under the new arrangement, the payment requires that the DepEd Regional
Office consolidates the Asatidz payroll by Division. The payroll indicates the
actual number of contact hours of the teachers. This is transmitted to the Office
of the Undersecretary for Muslim Affairs for the processing of payment. In turn,
DepEd submits the processed payroll to LBP for credit to individual account.
For far flung areas that are not served by Land Bank , the Schools Division
Superintendent shall recommend the most effective and efficient manner of

DepEd Orders

No. 44 s.2008CORRIGENDUM TO DEPED ORDER NO. 41, S. 2008 (Implementation of CBC, CLM and Instructional Modules for 261 Tech-Voc High Schools)
No. 43 s.2008IMPLEMENTING RULES AND REGULATIONS OF REPUBLIC ACT NO. 9493 (An Act Recognizing Southville International School as an Educational Institution of International Character, Granting Certain Prerogratives to Hasten Its Growth as Such, and for Other Purposes)
No. 36 s.2008AMENDMENT TO DEPED ORDER NO. 22, S. 2008 (Calendar for School Year 2008-2009)

DepEd re-launches Tulong Barya para sa

548.55 was
generated. The participating schools raised P2,747,116.94. Owing to the amount of
coins collected, the BSP saved P8.2 million for the cost of minting said amount of
coins brought back to circulation.
The BSP in turn donated the P8.2 million savings to DepEd in the form of 510 units
of computers distributed in different provinces.
Under the renewed agreement between BSP and DepEd, the total project cost
amounts to P151.5 million. This is broken down into P66 million for target coins for
circulation, P80 million for savings from minting the coins to be circulated and P5.5
million for the printing of Financial Literacy Guide for Teachers.
Other projects included in the agreement involve a total of P383.7 million. This
includes the delivery cost in the distribution of the Teachers Guide with P3.7 million,
airtime media advocacy worth P20 million, and the printing of a Financial Literacy
Workbook for 12 million students amounting to P360 million.

The financial literacy project aims to increase savings especially among “small”
savers, which include the public school teachers and the students. The BSP and
DepEd are joined by the Ateneo de Manila University’s Economic Reform and
Advocacy to develop teaching guides and teachers training.

Under the literacy project, financial and economic literacy is provided to public
elementary teachers. It integrates the concept of “savings” in the DepEd’s
elementary education curriculum. These are in the subjects on Sibika at Kultura,
Heyograpiya, Kasaysayan at Sibika or SK-HKS, Edukasyong Pagpapakatao or EP
and Edukasyong Pantahanan at Pangkabuhayan or EPP.
There are already 42 teaching guides for financial literacy that have been developed
for SK-HKS, 39 for EP and 21 for EPP.

DepEd pays tribute to the Thomasites

Baguio Teachers’ Camp Centennial Celebration

In recognition of their contribution to Philippine education that led to the birth of
the Baguio Teachers’ Camp (BTC), the Department of Education (DepEd) today
held a “Tribute to the Thomasites”. This is one of the centennial activities of
BTC, which marks 2008 as its 100th year.
The county’s public school system owes much to the Thomasites – young
idealistic American teachers -- who came in waves in 1901 to introduce the
American brand of education to Filipinos emerging from the shadow of centuries
of Spanish colonization.

The event today was highlighted by a reenactment of BTC’s Foundation at the
BTC Grounds with performances from the students of Baguio City National High
School and the Philippine High School for the Arts.
Education Secretary Jesli Lapus said, “The Philippine Education system
especially teacher training owe much to the legacy left by the Thomasites. The
Thomasites were the first US Peace Corps and have forever endeared
themselves to a grateful nation. For example, who can forget the songs ‘Planting
Rice’ and ‘Guavas are Ripe’?”
“More than US politics, Hollywood, or the military occupation, it was the
Thomasites’ missionary zeal which captivated the hearts and minds of Filipinos,”
he added.

DepEd Undersecretary Vilma Labrador, Undersecretary Ramon Bacani and
Assistant Secretary Jonathan Malaya, who is also the officer-in-charge of BTC,
spearheaded the festivities.

US Ambassador Kristie Kenney gave the keynote address.
Asec. Malaya also unveiled BTC’s centennial memorabilia such as the
commemorative stamp, BTC centennial calendar, and commemorative car
plates. Proceeds from the sale of the memorabilia will be used to help in the
camp’s restoration. The Education Department currently gives the BTC an
annual subsidy of P10 Million for its operation.

In May this year, Secretary Lapus and Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita led
the BTC grand centennial celebration kick off with the ceremonial declaration of
BTC as a National Heritage Site. With the theme: “BTC: Celebrating 100 Years
of Educating the Nation, BTC’s centennial went into full swing.

Honor Grads Prefer Public School Posting

Honor Grads Prefer Public School Posting
Why would five top graduates of the Pangasinan State University in Lingayen –
all with Latin honors to their name – want to teach in public schools?
The honor graduates who all finished their degrees on full scholarship were led
by Jerome Patungan, a magna cum laude in Bachelor of Science in Education
(BSE) major in Social Studies. He was joined by Auralyn Baliton, Chona
Nisperos, Ma. Theresa Nolledo and Jie Ann Bandong, all cum laude BSE
graduates of PSU.
“I want to teach in public school as a sense of duty to my country rather than go
abroad,” said Baliton.

For her part, Nolledo noted that she is looking forward to teaching in a public
school because DepEd is taking good care of teachers. “Besides, I want to have
a part in molding our young into becoming good citizens,” she added.
Education Secretary Jesli Lapus expressed his appreciation to the honor
graduates who had to overcome poverty before finishing their education degree.
“Being on top of your class is not easy. You are an inspiration to many of our
students. You gave your best despite your poverty,” Lapus told the graduates.
The graduates were accompanied by officers of the Pangasinan Washington
Sister State Association, the local counterpart of the Washington and
Pangasinan Sister State Association (WAPSSA) based in the United States,
which shouldered the scholarship of the students.

According to Dr. Cecilia Daranciang, a retired school official and WAPSSA
member, they choose their scholars from the ranks of poor who have impressive
scholastic record. Since their scholarship program started in 2002 with 33
beneficiaries, they have already graduated 26. At present, they have 12
scholars who each receive $400 per semester.
Dr. Daranciang also said they want to continue contributing to the development
of Pangasinan by providing quality education to poor but deserving students.
This year’s 11 graduates from among their scholars had five on top of the
graduating class.

During the visit with Lapus, Superintendent Alma Ruby Torio of Pangasinan
Division I thanked Secretary Lapus for approving the assignment of a schools
superintendent position for Pangasinan Division II. Prior to this, there was only
one superintendent attending to both divisions.
Region 2 Director Ligaya Miguel also expressed appreciation to Secretary
Lapus since her region has already complete assignment of schools
superintendent in all the divisions.

Singapore Honors Rizal

The pride of the Malayan race whose writings led to a revolution that established
the first republic in Asia was given an honor in Singapore by way of a bronze
bust relief recently unveiled in the city-states’ Asian Civilization Museum Green.
Jose Rizal, the Philippine national hero was a frequent visitor of this now ultramodern
country. In the late 19th century, Singapore was a quaint, English colony
which greatly attracted the peripatetic Filipino.
Over a century after his last visit, Dr. Jose Rizal, is once again back in his old
stomping grounds in Singapore.

Education Secretary Jesli Lapus and Singapore President S.R. Nathan recently
unveiled the prominent bronze bust relief of Dr. Rizal, dubbed “the great
Malayan”, at the museum located right at the heart of bustling Singapore.
The historic occasion was witnessed by Philippine Ambassador Belen Fule-
Anota, Chairman Ambeth Ocampo of the National Historical Institute, Chairman
Tommy Koh of the Singapore National Heritage Board (NHB) and Mr. Michael
Koh, Chief Executive Officer of the NHB.

Also present were members of the diplomatic corps, Singapore government
officials and members of the Filipino community in Singapore.
The project is part of the “Friends to our Shores” program of the Singapore
National Heritage Board. It was undertaken with the cooperation of the
Philippine Embassy in Singapore.

The two-sided marker bears a picture of a painting of Rizal by Fabian de la
Rosa on one side. The other side was a bronze relief of Rizal by Philippine
national artist Guillermo Tolentino, fabricated by Peter de Guzman. Only the
third of its kind, it serves to mark the visits (1882, 1887, 1891,1896) of Rizal to

Dr. Elizabeth Ong, former president of the Filipino ladies Group of Singapore did
the initial research on the travels of Rizal to Singapore. This eventually led to
the publication of the books on Philippines-Singapore relations entitled, “Journey
of Friendship”. Dr. Ong said she was “pleased that the main recommendation of
the book to put up a marker of Rizal in Singapore is finally happening.”