DepEd Ask Private Support in Brigada Eskwela

What is Brigada Eskwela - It is National Schools Maintenance Week were teachers, students, parents and private agency joined together in the cleaning and repair of public classroom and its facilities.

From May 18 to 22, personnel of private sector companies can help public schools in
many ways. They can repair broken chairs and tables, repaint the walls, make the
schools green by planting, and other masonry works. They can also give non-cash
donations such as construction and cleaning materials.

DepED wanted to thank its partners from the private sector who have contributed to the success of Brigada Eskwela. “Without their assistance, the government could not have saved that much MOOE. I am also grateful for the countless and nameless volunteers – from private sector companies and individuals to parents and alumni, from LGU to barangay officials – who have found time to help prepare our schools for school opening.”

Please contact the nearest school principal to support your local public school.

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