2009 National Science Club Month Celebration

DepEd Memorandum No.333 S.2009

2009 National Science Club Month Celebration

Pursuant to Presidential Proclamation no.28 declaring Sept as the National Science Club Month, the Science Club Advisers Association of the Philippines, the Department of Education Center for Students and Co-curricular Affairs and the Department of Science and Technology Science Education Institute announce the holding of the 2009 National Science Club Month Celebration for all science clubs in all elementary and secondary school nationwide.

The Theme "Adapting to Diverse Science Culture for Development". the celebration aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Strengthen the implementation of various programs and projects in science and technology.
  • Provide opportunities for science clubs nationwide to engage into productive, meaningful and effective activities that promote awareness, interest and involvement of the youth in science and technology.
  • Harness the knowledge, skills and values of science club leaders, teachers, coordinators and science enthusiasts to cope with and apply the developments and advancements in science and technology.

For complete details of the memorandum, download here.

DepEd Memorandum No. 333 S.2009

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Thanks for the theme... ive been searching for it a long time. pero bakit po elementary at secondary level lang ang sakop ng celebration? ung college level wala ba? in our college - meron kaming math- science and eco club... and planning to conduct activities for next month... btw, are there members of the said associations here in northern luzon particularly ilocos sur?

memo for college and university should come from CHED


I'm Aynrand S. Galicia from puerto princesa pilot elementary school.Thank for the theme.PERO....wala ba pong examples dito?

Praised be Jesus and Mary!
Thank you for the info especially the theme and the objectives of the 2009 National Science Club Month Celebration. I've been searching for it.
May God bless you.

Ms. Maria Eleonor C. BaƱares
Lourdes College HS

Thanks for posting the theme... our school (Lumayang Elementary School, Putik District , Zamboanga City will be joining the Science Fair District level on September 11, 2009...we're glad that we are guided already... thanks.............

ano po b ung examples ng science culture n cnsbi s theme?thnks. che

ano po b ung examples ng science culture n cnsbi s theme?thnks. che

"ADAPTING TO DIVERSE SCIENCE AND MATH CULTURE FOR DEVELOPMENT" ,pwede po ganito n lng ang gamitin naming theme kc ksali po nmin ang math club pagnagcecelebrate kami ng science math? thanks!

"ADAPTING TO DIVERSE SCIENCE AND MATH CULTURE FOR DEVELOPMENT" ,pwede po ganito n lng ang gamitin naming theme kc ksali po nmin ang math club pagnagcecelebrate kami ng science month? thanks!

thnx for posting the memo..is the memo for public the same with the private schools?

Science Culture for Development - i think this is about the attitudes of student to think imperative most of the time. inventive and innovating attitudes for student.

Thank you for posting the theme...I have been searching for it...
May God bless you..

Thanks for posting the theme. What about the English month and its theme?

hey...tnax for the theme but why is it mathematics was not included?? can we revise the theme?....because in our celebration math is included..

Thanks for the information regarding the Science Month Celebration. Surely it will be a big help in the celebration.
More power...

St. Ignatius Learning Center
Cag. de Oro City

Thanks for giving us the information for the celebration of the Science Month. These will give us more knowledge in celebrating Science Month successfully.

St. Ignatius Learning Center
Cagayan de Oro City

hay sa wakas,,, after a long search of this month's theme,,, i did find it,, at last...

Thank you for the effort in publishing the theme,,,

It really help a lot...

More Power and God Bless!!!!

Thanks a lot for elaborating the theme for this year's science month celebration. I am presently preparing my message for the PNU_CTL pupils this coming tuesdays' opening program.At least i am guided with the objectives and focus of this event... thank you very much.


well,thanks a lot because of this some informations i can make easily my assignment which is the slogan,,,and its right for us to keep on searching and to make some differences for the better world,,sO be cheerful and dont lose hope,,to adapt the new high-technologies in our generation,,

"responding to the global challenges of the science & tech" this is the theme in our school for this science month. why is it different from yours ? -mich. RMHS. mla.

This is based on DepED Memo.

See the memo here. http://www.deped.gov.ph/cpanel/uploads/issuanceImg/DM%20No.%20333,%20s.%202009.pdf

there must be examples so we as teachers can relate to the said theme. . . . i jst hope that next theme my examples na
.. . . .. . .tnx so much nd god bless. . . . . . . . . .

The theme for this year's National Science Club Month was provided by PSYSC. :-) Let us be active members / affiliates of PSYSC (Philippine Society of Youth Science Clubs).

Thanks for posting this year's theme...coz I've been looking for it for my preparation to the Division Poster making Contest here at Cavite.From Francisco High, Cavite...Alvin

HI!!! salamat nakita ko rin ang theme.

thanks for posting the theme,.. hopefully you will post information about the "Diverse Science and Math Culture"...kahit examples man lang pls.....

i would like to the guidelines, mechanics and criteria of the different events to be contested...please...

i salute the dep ed for building our nations hope by nourishing young minds with education and their utmost dedication in sharing the knowledge they have. BUT, i discount the unselfish provision of service to the community. calling the attention of the dep ed executives. the issue is, "in the division headed by MARINO S. BAYTEC, amidst the calamity our nation is facing from typhoon ondoy and pepeng in his mandate (which i doubt he had under the table income)all schools in his division held their so called EDUCATIONAL VIEWING in the theater watching the movie I WANT TO BE HAPPY. now, am i wrong to question the sincerity and the purpose the event had served or suppose to serve? isn't it more worth to collect the money the students and the parents/guardians had spent and give it to the people who suffered from the calamity? i want an honest and just comment and most of all an investigation regarding this issue. thank you


how about the 2009 english month theme? could you please send it to my e-mail? We will be having our english month celebration and i was hoping we could use DepEd's theme this year. I would appreciate it if you could send it to me.(asap)


here's my e-mail-> ZakiL04@y.c.

i badly need the theme of science month...hope you post it soon...

hi...I'm a science teacher and i badly need to know the theme of the science month for this year 2010...hope you post it soon...thankz!

sana i-post ninyo na ang theme sa science month

sana i-post ninyo ang theme sa science month

i'm also hoping that you will post the theme for 2010.thanks

what about this year's theme?

can i have a copy of this year's science month celebration...and am also asking for at 3 sample slogan for the said theme...thanks

can i have a copy of this year's science month celebration...and am also asking for at 3 sample slogan for the said theme...thanks

What is the English Theme 2011?

What is the English Theme for this sch yr 2011?