The importance of teaching message of peace

CC Iligan City (31 October) --
Secretary Jesli Lapus of the Dept. of Education (DepEd) has underscored
the importance of teaching the message of peace among the students.

The Education
Secretary gave this message at the closing of the 4th Northern Mindanao
Peace Village held Oct. 27-30, 2008 at the Mindanao Civic Center (MCC)
in Tubod, Lanao del Norte.

He said there is a
need for students to be taught the values of kapayaan (peace),
pagkakaisa (unity), kalayaan (freedom), katarungan (justice), and
pananagutan sa kapwa (responsibility for others).

But teaching peace education without giving the students a chance to experience it means nothing, he stressed.

"Through this
activity, we are now able to give peace a human face from mere
rhetoric. We are actually able to translate peace to a solid action, he

As an agent of social change, the education sector plays a vital role in inculcating the value of peace among the students.

Thus, the Peace
Village is a well conceived and well organized activity where students
can learn better about the ways of peace and unlearn the ways of
violence, he said.

He added that the closing ceremony today marks the beginning of a commitment for peacemaking, peace-building and peacekeeping.

Meanwhile, he
congratulated the leadership of DepEd, region 10, for bringing together
people from different regions and nationality for the cause of peace.

He also acknowledged
the efforts of the Schools Division Superintendents of the region and
the local government units, especially in Lanao del Norte, for the
construction of the peace huts in the village. (OSM-Radyo ng Bayan

US will need more teachers in the future

More teachers are needed in some US district to fill the shortage in Math, Science and SPED.
Education Association, the USA's largest teachers union, says many of those districts have trouble keeping teachers for reasons including low pay, disruptive students, and a lack of books and materials.

Prince George's County public schools in Maryland, with a teaching staff of 10,000, have 556 Filipino teachers and uncounted others from other countries. Baltimore public schools have 593 foreign teachers from Jamaica, India, the Philippines and elsewhere out of 7,000, says George Duque, staffing director.

Duque says Filipino teachers are a good fit because English is one of the country's official languages and its
academic system is similar to the USA's.

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Children from broken home 5x more likely to failed in academic

Children from broken families are nearly five times more likely to suffer damaging mental troubles than those whose parents stay together, Government research has found.

It also showed that two parents are much better than one if children are to avoid slipping into emotional distress and anti-social behaviour.

The findings say that children’s family backgrounds are as important - if not more so - than whether their home is poor, workless, has bad health, or has no one with any educational qualifications.

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Impact of ICT to the student and techer

Students show more enthusiasm in an ICT-integrated classroom. I have observed that classroom instructions using traditional tools like chalk and blackboard are becoming less and less appealing to my students. I discovered that using computers, LCD projectors and interactive topic exercises not only motivate my students but also helps me in managing the classroom. ICT tools save time and enrich students’ learning experience.

With the onset of ICT integration in education, today’s teachers, regardless of what subject they teach, need to acquire new skills that will enable them to maximize the potentials of ICT and the Internet. Basic skills include the use of e-mail, designing lesson presentations, making grades on spreadsheets, creating simple letters and programs, research work and even online content development. I believe that the acquisition of these skills is needed, or else, the full potential and relevance of the Internet in educational studies won’t be realized by the students.

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Grade 5 pupil wins grab the prize on drawing contest

Grade 5 pupil wins grab the prize on drawing contest AFP

Baguio City (30 October) -- The Defense Press Corps drawing contest, which was held in coordination with the Armed Forces of the Philippines, Department of Education Baguio City Schools Division and Philippine Information Agency, drew 43 entries from various private and public elementary schools in the city.

The contest theme: Peace and Development, the New Face of Heroism".

The first prize was won by Anthony Ganado, a grade five pupil from Pacday Quinio Elementary School, the second prize went to Ethel Valdez, grade five from Bonifacio Elementary School and the third prize was won by Joseph Simeon Quinopez - grade four of SLU Laboratory Elementary School. Five more finalists were given consolation prizes.

All winning entries are displayed side by side with the "Lente" photo exhibit, of the Defense Press Corps last October 24-26, at the Melvin Jones Grandstand, as part of the Baguio Defense Expo, in celebration of the National Defense Consciousness Week.

The celebration, the first of its kind outside the greater MM area, is geared towards bringing the armed forces closer to the masses and to educate the youth and the public on the role of the armed forces in upholding peace, justice and order in the country.


Muslim Out of School Youth DepEd Program

Muslim Out of School Youth will receive training from DepEd ALIVE program to help them land jobs in the technical and vocational sector. About 1000 out of school youth will be beneficiaries.

Under the ALIVE with Technical Vocation Education and Training (TVET) project of the DepEd and the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), Muslim Out of schoo l Youths will receive Arabic language and values education training then it will continue with "tech-voc" skills training to prepare them to meet possible foreign and local job recruiters.

An expected 25,000 Muslim youths will enjoy this program.


Tribute to the Teachers

Philippines--In an attempt to win an entry into the Guinness Book of World Records, high school and college students made a 173.65-meter cloth containing messages of gratitude for teachers. Dubbed "A Big Thank You to Our Teachers", the event was held in celebration of Teacher's Month


100% Passed on Texas Standardized Test due to Filipino Teacher

A Filipino tutor has proven that social background and lack of equipment have nothing to do with teaching science as he helped an entire class in Texas pass the state’s standardized examinations.

According to a report on Galveston county’s Daily News, when Rhante Lubrico first went to the newly-formed island charter school in Galveston, the Ambassadors Preparatory Academy, it didn’t have any science labs or microscopes. Worse, Lubrico held classes in a trailer.

Fresh from the Philippines, Lubrico was recruited over the Internet to teach fifth graders science. His students were from the low-income and African-American populations that school superintendent Pat Williams said historically struggle on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills or TAKS test.

Worse, only four of Lubrico’s students knew anything about science.

Williams said Lubrico started the school year teaching his fifth-grade students on a third-grade level. He tested his students at the beginning of the year to gauge how they would fare on the TAKS exam and only two passed.

The school head said Lubrico, 37, is her most exceptional teacher.

The Philippines’ loss was definitely the United States’ gain as she found Lubrico through an online recruiting Web site.

Lubrico said he left since he was frustrated with the education system in the Philippines, where he worked for 14 years as a public school science teacher.

He said the government did not provide teachers with the resources they needed so he agreed to come to Galveston.


For the first two weeks, students thought Lubrico was mean, Williams said. They called him "Mr. Homework."

But as time went by, they warmed up to him.

The dreaded homework was partly the key to his success. He gave the students homework they were sure to understand because it was a review of what they learned that day in the classroom, and that gave them confidence.

Lacking a big budget, Lubrico improvised and drew all of his own science posters and other visuals. Because he didn’t have science labs, Lubrico packed his students in a van and took them to the University of Texas Medical Branch, where they used microscopes.

He studied the state’s science curriculum and taught every concept to his students. Then he went beyond the curriculum. He developed his own test-taking strategy he called RUUNER — an acronym for read, understand, underline context clues, eliminate choices and review.

He convinced his students that science is the easiest exam of all — all they had to do was understand the concepts and facts, he said.

Easy exam

By the time the TAKS arrived, Lubrico’s students were ready.

"‘This is easy,’" Lubrico recalls his students telling him.

One student not only answered all the questions; she explained in the empty space next to the questions why she chose the answer. Another student wrote a note to the people who would grade the exam: "Dear TAKS people, this is so easy for us," Lubrico said.

By the time school was over, Lubrico had given the students not only a solid understanding of science, but also confidence they didn’t have before, Williams said.

"He made them believe in themselves," Williams said. "He made them believe they could do it."

Nine months after Lubrico discovered that only four of his students knew anything at all about science, Lubrico got the results back from the science TAKS exam — 93 percent of his students passed.

Scores on the TAKS science exam traditionally have been so low that the state considers a school acceptable if 40 percent of students pass. Statewide, 81 percent of fifth-graders passed the science exam, according to preliminary results from the state.

Out of Lubrico’s class of 15 students, 14 passed the exam. The only child who didn’t pass qualified for special education.

Thirteen students answered every question correctly. One student missed one question.

100 percent

But Williams wants more.

The results for the charter school, only a year old, will not count toward the school’s rating. Per state policy, the school will remain unrated until it completes its second year.

Williams said she wants to strive for an exemplary rating. Based on the school’s results this year — 93 percent passed science, 72 percent passed reading, 58 percent passed math and 83 percent passed writing — the charter school would have been rated acceptable.

She said it is not acceptable to expect that a certain number of students will fail.

"I’m not satisfied until 100 percent of the students pass," she said, "These are just state standards that we should be well above. I’m not bragging about this because I want 100 percent passing rate."

While most public school districts have preliminary results, official results won’t be available until the end of summer.


October Statistics Month Celebration

To stress the importance of statistics in local development, October has been declared National Statistics Month under Presidential Proclamation 647 dated of September 20, 1990.

The observance of National Statistics Month each year is aimed to promote, enhance and instill awareness and appreciation on the importance of statistics in the formulation of policies for growth and development as well as elicit the cooperation and support of the general public in upgrading the quality of standards of statistics in the country.

This year's theme in the month-long celebration is "Demand-Driven-Statistics: Key to Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise (MSME) Development" which highlights the need to shift to the generation of statistical data based on the needs of the MSME sector to come up with a more comprehensive, reliable and up-to-date MSME statistics.

DepEd Should also celebrate the statistics month through statistical competition in the school and statistic seminar for teachers, students and parents stressing the importance of numbers in decision making.


2009 Palarong Pambansa - Leyte Preparation

Tacloban City (October 26) -- The province of Leyte is now busy making the necessary preparations for its hosting of the Palarong Pambansa on April 26 to May 2, 2009.

Leyte Governor Carlos Jericho Petilla said that in hosting the 2009 Palarong Pambansa, the province is bent on setting its best foot forward to present a progressive and thriving province with hospitable, friendly and hardworking people.

It is not everyday that the Province gets the chance to host such a big national event so the host province should present the best to encourage more similar events in the future, Governor Petilla added.

Todate, massive rehabilitation works are now being done at the Leyte Sports Development Center, in preparation for the big national summer games next year. The provincial government has allocated no less than P50 Million for the hosting of the 2009 Palarong Pambansa.

Rehabilitation works at the Leyte Sports Development Center was targeted to start in September and to be finished in December of this year.

The bulk of the allotted amount would be spent in improving the oval track, transforming the current rough-sand track into a rubberized track at the sports center's oval that would mainly serve running and track and field events.

As host, the Province of Leyte must conform with the standards set for national and even international sports facilities as the Palaro is the country's source for athletes being pitted in and out of the country in various international competitions.

The province, by mixing sports and tourism through Palaro would benefit a lot from visitor influx aside from the thousands of delegates to come from all over the country. At least 6,000 Palaro athletes, officials and chaperones plus other visitors and tourists are expected to come to the province to participate and witness the national sporting games.

Meanwhile, the Department of Education through DepEd Memo No. 390, series of 2008 has announced that the 2009 Palarong Pambansa will be hosted by the Province of Leyte from April 26 to May 2, 2009 with the Leyte Sports Development Center in Tacloban City as the main venue. The DepED Regional Office VIII and DepED Division Offices of Leyte and Tacloban City shall be the co-hosts.

The Office of the Undersecretary for Regional Operations shall directly supervise the preparations and conduct of the 2009 Palarong Pambansa, in cooperation with the host Provincial Government of Leyte and DepED Regional Office VIII and field offices in the Region.

Likewise, all financial, administrative and operational matters relative to the holding of the Palarong Pambansa shall be handled by the Office of the Undersecretary for Regional Operations and the Office of the Undersecretary for Finance and Administration with the Task Force on School Sports (TFSS) providing the technical management, secretariat, staff and operational services.

All regional offices are encouraged to participate in all events, with their delegations comprising of the best athletes and coaches identified from their regional meets. (PIA 8)

Philippine Schools Celebrate Children's Month

Tacloban City (October 26) -- As member and co-chair of the Council for the Welfare of Children, the Department of Education joins the Council in celebrating the 16th year of Children's Month in October with the theme "Bright Child: sa Tamang Pag-aaruga, Kinabukasan ay Maginhawa."

Per DepEd Memorandum 402 signed by Secretary Jesli Lapus, all the schools all over the country observed the National Children's Month by undertaking various activities that seek to emphasize the pressing need for all sectors of the civil society to work together in creating a safe and supportive environment conducive to the development of children and young people to be creative, self-aware, resilient, critical, and responsible citizens of society.

Such activities being conducted are the dissemination of the Children's Month theme by speakers during the Monday flag raising ceremonies and other school activities; putting up bulletin board displays depicting the theme; and conduct of symposia, seminars, lectures and other fora involving DepEd employees and pupils and parents.

The theme "Bright Child: Sa Tamang Pag-aaruga, Kinabukasan ay Maginhawa," emphasizes that the proper care and nurturing of children, especially during the formative years, will help make them strong and physically, spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically healthy individuals.

Children need all the necessary care and attention to help in their physical and cognitive development. Creating the right environment at home and in school for children to learn to adapt to their surroundings, providing them opportunities to learn basic concepts of counting, verbal, and written expression, providing the tools in enabling them to make simple decisions, exposing them to situations that would afford them opportunities to choose between several options and allow them to defend their choice without deriding them – all these can help in developing them to become self-learning, resilient, secured, and responsible individuals.

Children also need to be exposed to the arts in order for them to appreciate their environment and the various elements that they see around them, and at the same time enable them to express themselves by means of their play with figures, drawings, and colors. (PIA 8)

DepEd Food Alert

Pasig City (26 October) -- The Department of Education (DepEd) reported today that 400 pupils from Batarasa, Palawan were hospitalized after eating expired lollipops from Indonesia.

Assistant Secretary Thelma Santos clarified, however, that no child died in the incident as opposed to earlier reports, although 25 still remain in the hospital.

Reports indicated that the candy lollipops had lights on their handles, and that the battery for the lights had leaked into the candies.

"Our school nurse on-site is closely coordinating with the local government and hospital staff," Santos said.

She also reported that the vendor is already under custody. Health officials of DepEd are on alert and are monitoring foods sold by vendors in coordination with local health authorities and the Department of Health


Massive Teacher Training in DepED Region 11

Mendoza disclosed that so far, they have finished the first round of training for teachers in the first batch.

We are now on the second round of training for the second batch, he said.

He also said that they have a limit of 100 trainees for each subject area.

The training lasts from two weeks to two months depending on whether the training falls on a summer or mid-year break.

Teachers from private schools here provide us the expertise in training our teachers in the public schools, he said.

Mendoza added that they have three partner universities here such as the Ateneo de Davao University, which trains secondary education teachers; UIC, for elementary teacher; and the University of Mindanao, which gives expertise on the Filipino subject.

The program focuses on different subject areas by batch.

The first batch is trainees for the subjects Science, English, and Math and the second batch are for the areas in Filipino, Araling Panlipunan, Technology and Livelihood Education (TLE), and Physical Education (PE).


New High School Curriculum of DepEd

(25 October) -- High school students in public schools will soon follow a new secondary education curriculum.

Philippine TeacherDepartment of Education regional supervisor Lorenzo Mendoza announced in yesterday's (Oct. 24) Kapihan sa PIA media forum, the possibility of implementing a new curriculum by 2010.

However, the implementation may still be delayed if the materials for the new curriculum are not yet out of the printing press.

Amendments in the Revised Basic Education Curriculum (RBEC) would include the assessment or learning outcome to take place before or in between the presentation of the lesson.

"Unlike in RBEC, the proposed new curriculum will require teachers to insert the assessment stage before, in between, and after the lesson," he said.

This way, the teacher would really have a clear picture of the student's learning level or absorptive capacity. Teachers would then not leave a particular lesson if the student did not fully comprehend or achieve the learning objectives.

Assessment strategies may be in the form of quizzes, role playing, dramatization, games, or comprehensive examination.

Lorenzo bared that the regional office is yet to receive the details of the proposed curriculum.

"It has already been practiced in some schools for pilot testing. As soon as we receive the guidelines, some teachers would then undergo trainings for the new curriculum," he said.

Dr. Alicia Sayson, Vice President of Academic Affairs in the University of Immaculate Conception said that RBEC has failed because not all teachers were properly trained to carry out the curriculum.


Another Model Private Company Support Public School

An education supervisor reported that a British mining firm has helped greatly in uplifting the academic performance of school children and has changed dramatically the living standards of their families, particularly the residents of the mineral-rich village of Runruno

"With a series of educational and health-care programs provided by FCF Minerals Corp. through its community development arm, the Runruno Livelihood Foundation (RLF), my school district has jumped dramatically to the No. 3 spot in the entire division," said Quezon district education supervisor Dr. Erlinda Ruiz.

In behalf of teachers, we would like to thanks FCF Minerals Corporation for their support in our striving educational program. More power...


LET Results for September 2008

A lot of LET examinees are looking for the result of the September LET results. So far there are no official publish from the PRC. It is still one month after the test so we advise the coming professional teacher for more patience and prayers.

Good Luck

a new page for the PRC nursing result is here.

England want liberation on Education

British ambassador in the Philippines Peter Beckingham has urged for the opening up of the country’s mining, education and land ownership to full foreign ownership saying British investors are awaiting for the liberalization of these key sectors.

Beckingham added that the restriction on foreign ownership on land has prevented the development of tourist attractions in the country.

Investments by foreigners in the fields of education would help raise the quality of education in the country once this sector is liberalized.

In the area of education, Beckingham said that a big British school is operating in Kuala Lumpur with as much as 30,000 students because the education sector is open to foreign investors.

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DOST Program for Public

The Department of Science and Technology Region 2 hosted the 4th North Luzon Cluster Science and Technology fair participated by DOST Regions 1 and CAR showcasing how science and technology works concretely for the benefit of improving the lives of many people.

Dr. Urdujah Tejada, DOST 2 – Regional Director, said the S&T fair was aimed at providing knowledge and information as well as mechanisms for people to enhance their capabilities through the use of technology.

The fair likewise provided the opportunity for public to discuss ecologies generated by S&T agencies and communities which could be used to improve the ways of doing things, to acquire knowledge and skills to enhance productivity and make Science and Technology work for everyone.


Congressman Donates 15M for Scholarship

Considering education as the most important asset for an individual should possess, First District Congressman Rodito Albano III thought of investing into education through the granting of scholarship to poor but deserving college students who will enroll to Isabela State University (ISU) school campuses this coming semester.

Albano said he has allotted P15 million from his Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) for this scholarship program aimed at easing the burden of poor parents in paying the tuition fees of their children.

Albano said the amount may not be big but it will make parents of poor students to stop worrying where to get the tuition fees of their children.


Politician Support Education

Nueva Vizcaya representative Carlos Padilla and the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority(TESDA) recently signed a Memorandum of Agreement(MOA) providing for an P5 million free work training program for Novo Vizcayanos.

The MOA consists of a P3.5 million fund from the TESDA and a P1.5 million from the office of Representative Padilla.

Rolando Manangan, TESDA provincial director said that the work- training scholarship program offers a skills education and actual application among Novo Vizcayanos. "This will help our constituents uplift their economic conditions, given the proper employment," Manangan said.


DepEd Tugegarao conducted Pop Ed Quiz and Essay Contest

Tuguegarao City (13 October) -- The Department of Education (DepEd) in coordination with the Commission on Population (PopCom), conducted the 2008 Regional Population Quiz and Essay Writing Contest on adolescent reproductive health held recently at the DepEd Conference Hall.

The activity with the theme: "Population and Development for the Youth", was participated by representatives from the 5 provinces and 3 cities of the Cagayan Valley Region.

For the Pop Quiz, Gardel Xzya S. Libunao of the Cagayan National High School, representing Tuguegarao City, bested seven contestants from different secondary schools of the Region 2 with the highest points, followed by John James L. Antipolo of Quezon National High School representing the Province of Isabela and Clinjay Knine Delapa of Sabtang National School of Fisheries representing the Province of Batanes as the 3rd placer.

For the Essay Writing Contest, Sharmane Almendra of St. Mary's University, in Nueva Vizcaya bagged the first place, followed by Wayne Paet of the Quirino National High School and Roselyn Poncio of the Mahatao National High School in Batanes as the third placer.

The winners received trophies and cash prizes while the non winning contestants received consolation prizes.

The contests was conducted to sustain awareness and interest on population issues and other matters pertaining to the youth and general public; to convey population and development concepts to students; and to promote the values supporting population and development among in-school youth.

For his part, Dir. Jesus Lazo Taberdo, DepEd 2, said the objective of the activity is to design a collaborative training program for youth leaders to be held during school vacations; share promising practices and strategies of schools to increase awareness on Population Education Program focused on ARH through workshops, publications and partner websites; and to formulate school-level activities that will strengthen Adolescent Reproductive Health programs.

The popquiz and essay writing contest also aims to determine the regional contestants to represent the region for the National Population Quiz and also to identify and organize youth leaders to serve as adolescent reproductive health advocates, Taberdo added. (PIA Cagayan

Scholarship offered to Pre-School Teacher

Grantees include 60 teachers from Region I, 45 teachers from Region II, 70 teachers from CAR. They will be sent to Benguet State University, Benguet. In the Visayas, 238 teachers from Region VI will get training in Carlos Hilado Memorial State College in Talisay City, Negros Occidental. Fifty-six teachers in Region XII and 160 teachers from ARMM will study in the University of Southern Mindanao, Kabacan, North Cotobato.

The program is designed to provide preschool teachers in public schools quality preparations to meet the standards required by the department for preschool teachers. DepEd requires pre-school teachers to have degrees in Preschool Education, Teaching Early Grades or Early Childhood Education.

"We expect to enhance teachers' competencies particularly on the use of developmentally appropriate methods and strategies in developing the child's full potential in physical, social, emotional and cognitive areas," said Education Secretary Jesli Lapus.

According to Lapus, the preschool graduate program consists of two terms. The first half will be during the semester break, while the second term is slated in summer of 2009.

"This way they will all be able to accomplish the two-term program by the Summer of 2009," Lapus added.

The scholarship program is intended for regular and newly deployed preschool teachers in Social Reform Agenda (SRA) provinces and preschool supervisors installed for the last three years. As an additional requirement, the grant is for teachers 50 years old and below.

Lapus said: "DepEd recognizes the importance of preschool education in determining the readiness of children upon entry in grade 1. Quality preschool education sufficiently prepares children for higher education."

Teachers enrolment in the semester program kicked off in October 8 with orientation slated on October 20. Their training will run for 54 hours.

Grantees are entitled to their salaries, free tuition fees, a stipend of P3,000, lodging allowance of P2,000, book allowance of P2,000 per term. Their traveling expenses will likewise be covered by DepEd.

Last summer, the first batch of 580 teachers and 6 coordinators already began their institution-based summer institute program. These teachers will continue their training next summer.

Preschool teachers from Regions III, IV-A-IVB, and NCR were trained at the Philippine Normal University. Those from Region V went to Bicol University. Teachers in Region VI, VII, and VIII received training in Cebu Normal University while those in Region IX, X, XI and CARAGA studied at the University of Southeastern Philippines in Davao City.



Davao City Gov inagurates Bright Child Program

The Bright Child program is aimed at raising awareness on the needs and requirements of Filipino children; establish the Bright Child as the point of integration of health, nutrition, early education, and psycho-social programs for children, their parents and family.

It is also aimed at motivating parents and caregivers to seek services provided by government agencies and partner organizations that will assist them raise bright children.

The Davao Region recently had its search for regional Bright Child ambassador held at the Activity Center of SM City Davao.


Davao City Gov inagurates Bright Child Program

The Bright Child program is aimed at raising awareness on the needs and requirements of Filipino children; establish the Bright Child as the point of integration of health, nutrition, early education, and psycho-social programs for children, their parents and family.

It is also aimed at motivating parents and caregivers to seek services provided by government agencies and partner organizations that will assist them raise bright children.

The Davao Region recently had its search for regional Bright Child ambassador held at the Activity Center of SM City Davao.


Statistics Quiz for Students

Philippine Statistics Quiz isasagawa ng NSO

Koronadal City (20 October) -- Ang National Statistics Office (NSO) katuwang ang Philippine Statistical Association (PSA) ay magsasagawa ng Philippine Statistics Quiz (PSQ) National Finals sa Disyembre ng taong kasalukuyan.

Ito ay may layong maitaguyod at mapalawak ang kaalaman ng lahat kaugnay sa kahalagahan ng statistics lalong lalo na sa mga estudyante.

Ang nasabing patimpalak ay magkakaroon ng dalawang eliminations- ang Provincial at Regional Eliminations kung saan ang mananalong kalahok ay may pagkakataong maging kinatawan ng Rehiyon sa national level.

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Home Economics Program for Malnutrition

Tabuk City, Kalinga (18 October) -- The Department of Education (DepEd) in the province, in partnership with Bethesda Ministries International (BMI) recently held a joint activity integrating their programs to better address malnourishment and to improve the health conditions of public school children in the province.

Bolstering the Gulayan sa Paaralan (Vegetable Gardens in School), a project component of the Programang Agrikultura Para Sa Masa of the Arroyo Administration to fight hunger and poverty, DepEd Kalinga in cooperation Department of Agriculture Bureau of Plant Industry, conducted a two-day training on Organic Plant Production for all elementary and high schools in the province.

This is to provide educators the needed skills on organic vegetable production and provide them a venue to discuss the implementation and sustainability of the program in their respective schools.

With elementary and high school children appreciating the program and armed with the skill in vegetable production, they will learn to be self-sufficient and in their own way help alleviate hunger in the family, Deped officials say.

Integrating this program in their home economics subjects will also promote better appreciation among school children and students the importance of proper nutrition and the nutritional and economic value of planting vegetables in school and at home.

Jointly with the activity is the launching of the Bethesda HAPAG-ASA Vitameal Feeding Program, an integrated feeding program sponsored by the Bethesda Ministries International, Inc. where DepEd Kalinga Feeding Program Coordinator, Julia Bateg said that the project will benefit around 4,513 undernourished pupils in the province who were identified based on their height and weight status.

"To correct the nutritional status of our undernourished children, they will undergo supplemental feeding with the provision of vitameal everyday for 120 days, five days a week," she said.

Said vitameal supplement contains multi-vitamin fortified rice and lentil pack formulated to provide the ideal therapeutic food solution for malnourished children to regain back their ideal health status saving them from starvation and give them hope for a productive life and future.

She underscored that the school administration should closely monitor the project implementation to ensure that proper procedures are being followed and for them to assess the impacts of the feeding program.

Bateg said that parents also play a vital role in the implementation saying "they have to actively participate in the process where they will be undergo health and nutrition classes and will be taught how to properly cook the vitameal which must be mixed with other nutritional ingredients."

She said that the common procedure for using vitameal is to mix one part vitameal to eight parts of water soaking it for two hours, then cooked for 15 to 30 minutes mixing it with other ingredients.

"This can be eaten as viand or as a snack," she said.

Each pack of vitameal mixed with other food she informed could feed 130 pupils in one feeding.

This provision from the Bethseda she informed is the first shipment from the organization saying that with proper implementation, DepEd Kalinga will be expecting more to totally address malnourishment in the province which is identified as one of the food poor areas in the country.

"We are looking forward for more feeding programs in partnership with Bethesda International. Based on our proposal we are targeting at least 4,000 or 50 pupils per school in the province for this school year," she said.

During the event, BMI Executive Director Donald Soriano headed the turn-over of the around 500 vitameal boxes to Deped Kalinga and 100 boxes for Apayao. (ggd/PIA-Kalinga)


DepEd Housing Projects

VICE President and Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC) chairman Noli 'Kabayan' De Castro is pushing for the development of housing projects for teachers. Speaking during the first housing fair of the Department of Education (DepEd) in Pasig yesterday (Feb. 13), De Castro said he already asked developers to come up with housing projects where houses can be bought for as low as P200, 000. The amount, he said, fits the paying capacity of teachers who can only afford to pay a monthly amortization of P1, 350. He said demand for such package is high owing to its affordability

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PIL Invites ICT Coordinators

Partners In Learning

Attention: Public School Teachers and Principals, ICT Coordinators, PTA Members, District Supervisors and DepED employees!! Sign up and be connected to the educational online community. Let us be partners in uplifting the quality of education in the Philippines. Join the Second Innovative Teachers Leadership Awards!


Scholarship Offers for Teachers and Student


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Malacañang Museum Invites School Field Trip

The Malacañang Museum is situated in historic Kalayaan Hall – the old Executive Building built in 1920– at the heart of the Malacañan Palace complex. The museum features galleries and exhibits showcasing the heritage of the Palace and the Presidency of the Philippines as well as artwork and furniture from the Palace collections. The exhibits include: The History of Malacañan Palace, featuring gifts, relics, memorabilia, artwork and photographs, principally on the ground floor in the old American colonial rooms of Kalayaan Hall:

Old Reception Room Gallery
o Spanish Era (c.1750s–1898)

Old Executive Secretary’s Office Gallery
o Era of Reform, Revolution and the First Philippine Republic (c.1860s–1901)

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DepED working to get the palarong pambansa from PSC

MANILA (PNA) -- The Department of Education (DepEd) on Wednesday disclosed that they are working on the passage of a bill in Congress that would again allow it to organize and handle “sports and culture” including the yearly Palarong Pambansa.

Education Secretary Jesli Lapus said they are coordinating with other education stakeholders and even members of Congress for the bill’s passage that would effectively amend Republic Act 9155.

“Unti-unti nang maibabalik sa DepEd ang paghawak sa Palarong Pambansa especially since no other agency can organize and handle the events. Besides, they are also using the department’s manpower to oversee the events,” said Lapus.

“We will also ask Congress to immediately pass the pending bill that would allow DepEd to once again hold the event,” Lapus added.


Region 3 Intensify Campus Journalism Training Program


In preparation for the National Schools Press Conference (NSPC) on February 18-22, 2008 and to further hone their journalistic skills, eighty-four (84) campus journalists from the elementary and secondary levels were convened at the Regional Educational Learning Center (RELC) in Pulungbulu, Angeles City. The campus journalists are qualifiers in the 2008 individual writing contests to be held in Koronadal City, South Cotabato. They were joined by their Education Supervisors in charge of journalism both from English and Filipino and from both levels or the winning School Paper Advisers of the seventeen (17) schools divisions.

In preparation for the National Schools Press Conference (NSPC) on February 18-22, 2008 and to further hone their journalistic skills, eighty-four (84) campus journalists from the elementary and secondary levels were convened at the Regional Educational Learning Center (RELC) in Pulungbulu, Angeles City. The campus journalists are qualifiers in the 2008 individual writing contests to be held in Koronadal City, South Cotabato. They were joined by their Education Supervisors in charge of journalism both from English and Filipino and from both levels or the winning School Paper Advisers of the seventeen (17) schools divisions.

The Regional Director, the chiefs of both the elementary and secondary divisions and the other supervisors gave their moral support to the students when they visited the training venue.

Indeed, the region did not leave any stone unturned to boost the students’ morale. Without counting the cost, the region provided the best resources speakers to train the students. These speakers are both from the academe and media practitioners coming form reputable newspapers such as the Philippine Star, Times Journal, Philippine Daily Inquirer and others who could enhance the students’ journalistic competencies.

Material support included the outfit to be worn by the students and pupils, consisting of T-shirts, caps and jacket. Cash incentives were likewise, promised to would-be winners in the national level. The Director promised the students that a motorcade in the city would be held in their honor should they bring home the much-coveted trophies, certificates and medals for besting the campus journalists from other regions.


Division Press Conference 2008 Tarlac City Schools

This is a yearly activity for public and private High School and Elementary Schools in Tarlac City. It was held at San Miguel Central Elementary School (SMCES) on September 11 and 12, 2008. Delegates from different schools participated for the following categories;

Day 1

Editorial writing – English and Filipino

Feature Writing – English and Filipino

News Writing – English and Filipino

Editorial Cartooning – English and Filipino

Photo Journalism – English and Filipino

Day 2

Sports Writing – English and Filipino

Script Writing – English and Filipino

Broadcasting – English and Filipino

Complete reports here

A Man of Faith, A Man for All Seasons


“I came with a courageous heart.” Thus, were the words of the newly-installed Director IV of the Department of Education Region III, Dr. Mario L. Ramirez during the turnover ceremony when he formally took the helm from the former Director Dr. Dinah F. Mindo.

A man of faith, Dr. Ramirez had his parents for his models early in life. He imbibed values of discipline, honesty, education, love of country and God from his father who was a veteran of World War II and a survivor of the infamous Death March and his mother, an Ilocana housewife.

A product of the public and private school system, he attended the Philippine Normal College (PNC), Manila for his BSEED course and his postgraduate studies on a MEC-PNC scholarship grant specializing in non-formal education. He took his Master in Education (MAED) from the Isabela Colleges and Doctor of Education units from Northeastern College.

Ranking Number 1 in a division-wide competitive examination for teachers, he got into government service and was assigned to teach in a far-flung barangay in his hometown. This did not deter him from getting involved in academic and non-academic activities as he was invited to attend conferences and training workshops in his region and around the country. Recognizing his talent and potential, his supervisors and principals made him a division-wide demonstration teacher.

Dr. Ramirez inched his way to the top by serving the Department in various capacities such as a teacher, head teacher, principal, district supervisor, Assistant Schools Division Superintendent in Quirino and a full-fledged Schools Division Superintendent in Batanes, Cagayan , Assistant Regional Director in Region II and Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR). Finally, hewas appointed a full-fledged Regional Director in his home region and is presently assigned to Region III.

He has held important positions in government and non-government organizations for his peers and superiors voted him President of Isabela Teachers Association, Board of Director of the Philippine Public School Teachers Association Association (PPSTA), President of Philippine Association of Schools Superintendents (PASS), Region II, Philippine School Teachers Association (PSTA) and a 4th degree member of the Knights of Columbus.

His attendance in international conferences and intensive trainings for educators such as those held in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Paris, Australia and Thailand further honed his skills in education both as a manager and a teacher-leader. Together with a group of school officials he went to observe the decentralization process in Paris, other cities of France and the School-Based Management experience in Australia and Thailand which the education sector is currently implementing.

The simple man with a passion for service and his wife, Mrs. Rosalina B. Ramirez, a Master Teacher II are blessed with three children who are achievers in their own fields of endeavor. Ronald, the eldest is a BS Geology graduate from U.P. Rachel, a BS Food and Technology graduate who completed a Teacher Certificate Course from UP, teaches at the UP Integrated School and Rhodora, a Medical Doctor from the Far Eastern University. These children are married to equally talented partners.

Dr. Ramirez’s determination, hard work and perseverance and an abiding faith in God have been proven as he was able to surmount the trials and challenges of his present position. This will be his legacy to his three young grandchildren Dale Ryan, Dana Rae and Aien Sofia as they face life’s realities.


DepEd Early Registration for First Year

DepEd Order 62 s 2008
Early Registration for Incoming First Year High School Students for sy 2009- 20010

First year high school student for sy 2009-2010 shall registyer in the public or private high schools of their choice within the four saturdays of Jan 2009.

The objective if early registration is to enable the Sec Schools heads to identify who among the prospective graduates of Grade 6 are at rist of dropping out.


Special Program Recieves P500,000 Subsidy


In line with the DepED effors to improve the quality of teaching and student performance of the talented/special students under the Special programs (arts sports and special eduation), a P500,000 subsidy is alloted to the 17 pilot school of the SPA and SPS and the103 Sped schools. See enclosed list.


Science Teacher & Student Seminar at UP

DepEd Advisory no 241 s 2008

The UP Los Banos Genetics Society will celebrateits 4th Genetics Camp on Jan 24-25 2009.
The aim of this event is to promote and create awareness about the science of Genetics in this country. This is 2 day event, full of activities that will involve high school students and teacher of the Luzon wide area as a way of reaching out and encouragin creative appreciation of genetics.
For info. call 0927-6931473 email and 0927-5828928 Edrian Revilleza at

Wanted Elem and High School Teacher in Indonesia

PT Pelita Pendidikan (Education 21)

We are currently seeking a qualified staff to join the team at the Education21 (Pekanbaru, Indonesia) for a permanent 2 years contract term. The ideal applicant:

Primary / Secondary Teacher

If you are interested please send your CV to the director of Education21, Lily Yanti Aow


  • Is preferably 30 years old and above.
  • Is to teach English, Math, and Science for Primary and/or Secondary levels (to be decided in January 2009).
  • Must hold a Bachelor in Education.
  • Must be keen to be a part of a professional and dedicated staff and willing to participate in all aspects of school life.
  • Is to start employment from January 2009 onwards.
  • If performance is satisfactory, the applicant has the potential to be promoted to vice principal for Primary and/or Secondary.

If you are interested please send your CV to the director of Education21, Lily Yanti Aow