DepEd Memorandum 244 S 2009
May 31, 2009


To: All DepEd Teachers

1. Quoted hereunder are excerpts from Resolution No 447-2009 of the Sanguniang Panglungsod, City of Puerto Princesa, Region IV-B - A Resolution Respectfully Requesting the DepED and CHED to urge All State Colleges and Universities and Higher Education Institutions to Campaign AMong their Students to Vote for Puerto Princesa Subtarranean River National Park as the Philippines Official Entry to the Quest for the New Seven 7 Wonders of Nature"

The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park is one of the top choices and is the only Philipine natural wonder which made it to the qualifying round. The local city government of Puerto Princesa is encouraging students of all school institution to vote for Puerto Princesa as the Philippines entry to the Quest for the New Seven (7)Wonder of Nature


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Training Workshop for Science Teacher

DepEd Advisory S. 133

Training workshop on Effective Implementation of Science Researches.

The family Child Development School will conduct a Training-Workshop on Effective Implementation of Science Research on June 15-18 at the Family Child Development School, Manaoag, Pangasinan.

The workshop aim to educate and train elementary and high school teachers, student and pupils in formulating and implementing science researches.It also aim to equip them with laboratory and field techniques.

For complete information of the training please click here.

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DepEd Announcement: No Collection of Fees in the month of June

School should not collect any fees, the secretary of the Department of Education said. He emphasized that the Department of Education or DepEd already release an order strictly prohibiting any forced collection in all public elementary and high schools to encourage more children to schooling. This is to support the DepEd's program about reducing school drop out and improving the literacy ratio of the country.

There should be no collection of fees specially the PTA contribution, BSP, Red Cross etc during the first month of June. School ID's are now can be deducted using school's MOOE or Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses. For any complain dial this numbers: 6361663, 6331942,


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Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers 2009 National Midyear Convention

DepEd Advisory No 129 s 2009

Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers 2009 National Midyear Convention

The Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers will hold its 2009 National Midyear Convention on June 25-27 at the Bacolod Pavilion Resort Hotel Bacolod City. This will be hosted by the PICE Negros Occidental Chapter.

The convention will be attended by more than 1500 members for the construction, consulting, academic and commercial sectors.

For more information, contact the PICE National Administrative Office at 448-7488 to 90 or 376-4215

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DepEd Advisory - Scholarship Program

DepEd Advisory No 132 s 2009

FEU Scholarship Program

The Far Eastern University will conduct career information activities which aim to promote scholarship program to qualified fourth year high school students. The said school s offer the following:

a. Free FEC-CAT to the top five of the graduating batch of each school. To avail of this priviledge, the student would have to present a certification signed by the school principal that they belong to the top five of their graduating batch.The certification will be validated by FEU personnel assigned to administer the FEU - CAT.

b. Lower FEU CAT fee of P3000 for other interested students and
c. A chance to be an FEU scholar. There are 2500 slots available for incoming freshmen.

for more details

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List of Private School with Permit to Operate needed for Posting

DepEd Order 51
Series of 2009

Posting of List of Private Schools with Permit to Operate Recognition or Accreditation in Conspicuous Places

All regional Directors
School Division Superintendents
Head of Private Schools

1. Pursuant to DepED Order No 34 S 2007 and 30 s 2008, this office requires all regional offices to submit list of names and addresses of private schools with permit to operation, recognition or accreditation within their respective area of responsibility to the office of the Undersecretary for Regional Operations at telefax no 02 -631-5492 on or before May 29, 2009.

2. The DepEd offices are encourage to advise to the parents to check whether the private schools where they intend to enroll their children is duly permitted or recognized by the Department of Education - DepED.

3. Pupils or student who finished an a grade level from school without permit are required to take Philippine Validating Test - PVT prior to admission to validate the acquired learning gains.

For more details..

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DEPED ICT Curriculum Writing with Experts from Private Companies

All Concerned

DepEd Memo 237 S 2009


DepEd Computers - ICT Voc Tech Training1. In support to the DepED ICT enable curriculum for Regional ICT Tech- Voc High School, a competency based curriculum alignment and leveling of the following ICT specialization shall be held on May 25-30 at San Pedro Relocation Center National High School, San Pedro Laguna.

IC3 (mandatory subject in lieu of PC Operations)
PC Hardware Servicing
Programming (Visual Basics)
Networking Technology

2. The objective of this CBC Alignment and leveling are to:

discuss with the industry partners such as the Micosoft Phils, CIsco IT Academies, Animation Council of the Phils, TESDA and ICT experts, the ICT competencies that can be adopted in High School.

Prepare the competency based curriculum CBC, contextual learning matrices - CLM, leaning modules for the aforementioned ICT specializations ready for use this June 2009.

read more..

3. Enclosed is the list of ICT Teachers from the TOP 3 Regional ICT Tech-Voc High School who shall participate on the CBC alignment as curriculum writers. They are expected to be at the venue before May 24, 2009.

4. Board and lodging, expenses, honoraria, travel etc of the curriculum writers, facilitators, ICT resource persons etc shall be chargeable against Tech-Voc Funds.

The list of the following are here

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DepED Internet Connectivity Project (Batch-2)

DepED Internet Connectivity Project (Batch-2)
National High Schools in the capital of each province

1 17 6 11
2 34 6 28
3 28 12 16
4-A 42 19 23
4-B 36 14 22
V 51 9 42
VI 18 8 10
VII 19 11 8
VIII 46 12 34
IX 33 22 11
X 26 9 17
XI 28 11 17
XII 32 21 11
CARAGA 47 16 31
CAR 34 3 31
ARMM 24 16 8
NCR 0 0 0
TOTAL 515 195 320


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DepED - Gilas Internet Connectivity Project

1 548 379 169
2 515 195 320
3 959 928 661
4 4628 1064 3564
Total 6650 1936 4714

DepEd Ask Private Support in Brigada Eskwela

What is Brigada Eskwela - It is National Schools Maintenance Week were teachers, students, parents and private agency joined together in the cleaning and repair of public classroom and its facilities.

From May 18 to 22, personnel of private sector companies can help public schools in
many ways. They can repair broken chairs and tables, repaint the walls, make the
schools green by planting, and other masonry works. They can also give non-cash
donations such as construction and cleaning materials.

DepED wanted to thank its partners from the private sector who have contributed to the success of Brigada Eskwela. “Without their assistance, the government could not have saved that much MOOE. I am also grateful for the countless and nameless volunteers – from private sector companies and individuals to parents and alumni, from LGU to barangay officials – who have found time to help prepare our schools for school opening.”

Please contact the nearest school principal to support your local public school.

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Elementary School Teachers - Language Training

DepEd Memorandum No 222 S 2009

2009 Convergys NCCT Multimedia Training in Oral English For Elementary Educators

1. Convergys, a leading international call center company in the Philippines is launching its 2009 Multimedia Training in English for selected 500 Elementary school teachers from 17 Regions in cooperation with DepED and the National Council for Children's Television - NCCT. These computer aided and blended learning workshop will be conducted int he language computer laboratories of Convergy's in Insular Life Bldg Ayala Avenue Makati City, in i2 Bldg Asiatown IT Park Cebu City and more locations.

The multimedia training in English for Elementary Teachers has been specifically designed for classroom teachers, supervisors and school heads by Convergy's language training experts.

for more details and become participant

DepEd Memorandum No 222

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First Philippine Summit on Early Childhood Education

DepEd Advisory No 126 s 2009

First Philippine Summit on Early Childhood Education

The Maximus Inventus will hold the first Philippine summit on Early Childhood Education on October 15-16 2009 at the Every Nation Leadership Institute Fort Bonifacio.

The summit aim to promote and strengthen the importance of early childhood education to all children in the Philippines and to provide an opportunity for participants to hear new ideas from Filipino experts teachers as well as those from other countries.

for details read here


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DepEd Order on Teaching Religion

Reitering the Revised Rules and Regulations on the Teaching of Religion in Public Elementary and Secondary School - DepEd Order 49 S 2009.

1. Declaration of Policy
2. Coverage
3. Definition of terms
4. The teacher - Instructor

for more details read more here.


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Why Business Process Outsourcing should be included in DepED's Curriculum

Philippine Buildings Ortigas FacilitiesThe Philippine outsourcing sector has been steadily picking up momentum over the past years. As of time, it seems to have reached a tipping point where the Filipinos are engaged in this business as part of day-to-day sustenance. It caters to the needs of people in terms of telecommunication and other sort of information to come by. Philippines will be known as the service capital of the world not only because of our language proficiency but because of our innate talents that make us world class.

Despite the economic problems that the Philippines are facing, it is unavoidable still that it encounters another problem. The nation itself faces the impact of notions and problems. It is the problem or notion that it can handle only call center and low-risk services work. Indeed, inbound customer services account for about two-thirds of the US$6.8 million in professional services the Philippines exported last year. Although the government has expressed confidence and interest in expanding beyond voice-related services, the method or strategy could be more focused than it is at present.Cebu Outsourcing buildings They are seeking more prospects, building up the infrastructure and spreading the industry throughout the country, but most people think they could position the IT industry better when selling the proposition. Now a day, outsourcing companies are hiring medical graduates, online teachers, Engineers and Architecture as Steal Detailer of US building plans, IT professionals, accountants, online lawyers, marketing professionals, fine arts graduates, online technicians, copy writers and even secretarial graduates are now working in Outbound call center as agent who prepared document reports, appointment setting, travel and meeting scheduling and customer search generation.

IT support services companies in the Philippines, for example, could search for a niche serving mid-market corporations in the global market. That's not to say the Filipino BPO market has been stagnant. We expect more jobs to come, more employments to come, not just today but beyond the times of occupations, work sustenance and existence. Just a few years ago, the BPO industry employed just 4,000 people. Today, 100 times as many people work in the industry, making the Philippines the second largest low-cost BPO destination in the world. The objective of industry leaders is to see 1 million Filipinos working in IT and business process outsourcing by 2010 so the Philippines can have expected 10 percent of the total global services market.

The people in academe specially the Department of Education and Commission of Education should spearheaded the development of professionals that will lead to the dream of every Outsourcing companies in the Philippines. That is world's number 1 business service provider through offshore outsourcing.

The Filipinos pray to God always that outsourcing business never ceases. It must not stop today and must continue beyond the times of prolific sustenance.

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Proportional Vacation Pay for Teachers

DepEd Memorandum 207 Series of 2009

Computation of Proportional Vacation Pay for Teachers for school year 2008-2009

To all Teachers

1. This is to provide the field offices with uniform basis in the computation of the Proportional Vacation Pay that an elementary and secondary teacher under the teachers leave basis is entitle to.

2. Teacher who have rendered continuous services for this School Year from June 10, 2008 to April 3, 2009 shall be entitle to 74 days Proportional Vacation Pay including Christmas Vacation days from April 4 to May 31 2009 computed as follows.

Total no of days service = 298
(June 10, 2008 to April 3, 2009)

Less Christmas Vacation Days = -16 days
(Dec 20 to Jan 4 2009)

Actual days served = 282 days
Multiply factor x 0.262

Total PVP including Christmas vacation = 74 days
Less Christmas Vacation = -16 days
PVP earned from April 4 to May 31 2009 = 58 days

For complete computation of derivation factor visit here.

Factor 0.262 shall be used for the computation of absences and PVP this school year.

Immediate dissemination of this DepEd Memorandum


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DepED's Noodle's Contract is now Suspended

DepEd ordered the suspension and investigation by independent body, the feeding program particularly the purchased of more than P20 pesos worth of noodles from JEVERPS Manufacturing Corporation. The secretary mentioned that the independent body must be expert on nutrition, cost-estimation and distribution capabilities of the supplier.

The contract awarded to JEVERPS Corporation is P427 million pesos worth of ready to cook noodles. DepEd already purchased from this company last school year while continuation of the program in this school year leads to higher price of noodle pack. The pack noodle is now P22 per 100gm while the market value of the noodle with the same size is about P12 per pack.

Senator Mar Roxas who is campaigning for President this coming 2010 election exposed the alleged OVERPRICED noodles. Sen. Enrile do not believed that the noodle have malunggay ingredients, while Sen Mar Roxas wonder why the DepEd did not purchase from known company like NESTLE PHILIPPINES OR UNIVERSAL ROBINA CORPORATION. The senator said the Government will lost P100 million pesos in this anomalous deal continue. He also said that erring officials of the Department of Education are still liable even the contract is suspended.

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No Collection During Enrollment

DepEd Region 12 Director issued memorandum to all school administrator, principals and public school teachers. The memorandum stated stress the no collection policy during enrollment period. Returning students are not obliged to pay any amount of peso when they come back to school. This is to support the DepEd's campaign on back to school program which is aim of reducing out of school youth.

The DepEd have set up a watch group to make sure that implementation of no payment policy will be followed. They are also urging the PTA not to collect any fees in the opening of classes nor use the schools enrollment procedures as way to collect parent’s financial obligation.

For reference

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DepEd & DOST partner for Student Training in Science, Math and Technology

256 future scientist from various regional science high school students are welcomed in 9 days Science, math and Eng'g camp.The camp is organized by DepED and DOST as part of its commitment to produce more scientist from the the pool of students.

Philippine Science High School StudentThis academic camp will feature interactive, laboratory-based activities design to top the individual interest of students in the field of sciences, math and engineering. The camp start last May 3 and will close on May 12, 2009.

The Philippine government recognized the importance of science and technology as the building blocks of a progressive economy. Areas to be explore are Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics, Energy and materials engineering, Computer technology with instrumentation systems and mobile Robotics.

The camp are being held in UP Diliman, Ateneo De manila, University of Sto Tomas and UP Los Banos.


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10 Suggested Criteria for Selection of Learning Experiences

1. Can the experience bring optimum benefit to the learners? Take and second look in your exercises and ask yourself if these exercises or activities can be replicated by the learners when they go outside in the school. Would this activities serve as the mirror on what is happening in their surrounding or just a house work and duties so the same conclusion can be applied in the situation that recall the learning experiences?

public elementary pupils2. Does the experience help meet the evident needs of the learner? Many students will be self motivated if they discover that the activities are timely to their needs. The learner might have a term paper project and it is very timely that your subject matter is about word processor software. You will notice the aggressiveness of the student to learn the PowerPoint presentation because they have classroom report or oral examination from other subjects and they like to deliver it with the help of ICT. The learner might be task to create or design a classroom newsletter and it timely that you demonstrate the use of MS publisher application software.

3. Are the learners likely to be interested in the experience? As the teachers, it is your task to device an activities that will arouse the interest of the learner. Let said you are Social Studies teacher your topic is about historical account in the landing of the Allied Soldiers in the beach of Normandy. For the high school student, this event might not be relevant to them yet once presented with the motion pictures together the possible scenarios if this famous event did not happen what will be the future of the countries involve including the learners country and their fore fathers. Bringing the topics or discussion into the personal level of the learner is a great method to attain the appreciation objective.

4. Does the experience encourage the learners to inquire further? This is the best opportunity of a good subject matter, a well delivered lesson complement by lively exercises and by a dramatic generalization. Have you noticed your student leaving the classroom characterized by silent and thinking mode? Inferring on the previous situation and organizing thoughts from the lesson. Have you experienced by a situation whereby the student approach you and said “Sir I have answered all the exercises in Chapter 5”. So you will say, very good you advance already. You might have a situation in which the student said Sir teaches me to how do create a form using excel program please. Then your answer is “that would be the next topic young man”. You could experience the situation where the student approached you and show her work which not included in the assignment. That would be a great application of learning experience and an evident of transfer of learning.

Lastly, you might experience this as a teacher. Dong, ni unsa nimo pag buhat ana, tudlo I ako bi? (James how did you do that? Demonstrate it to me right away). Then I call the attention of the entire class to watch the demonstration as part of strategy of praise and motivation as well as collaborative learning’s.

I have lost time and ideas to discuss those pointer below so I hope our visitors can share their knowledge and experiences.

5. Does the experience stimulate the learners to engage in higher levels of thinking and reasoning?

6. Does the experience involve the use of different senses and sense perceptions?
7. Does the experience approximate real life situations?
8. Is the experience in accord with the life patterns of the learners?
9. How contemporary is the experience? Is it timely and relevant?
10. Do the experiences provide for the attainment of a range of instructional objectives?


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Licensure Examination for Teachers Results Oct 2009

The latest result of the PRC Board Exam for teachers are now available here.

There are about 19% of the Elementary LET takers who passed the October examination and 28% passed the secondary PRC Licensure Examination for Teachers or LET.

Click here for the final list for the PRC LET passers for Elementary.

Click here for the final list for the High School PRC LET passers for Oct 2009.

You can also some LET Result here.

Due to the demand of young professionals specially those who recently took the board examination. The results of coming Professional Board Examination for Nurse known as NLE - Nurses Licensure Examination this coming June 6 and 7 will be posted here.

Good luck to examinees.

The LET PRC Result for 2009 Examination is now released with 27.86% passing for the Elementary while 24.67% passing for the Secondary or high school teachers.

of UP-Diliman graduate's Lorivi Huyaban is the topnotch for the elementary level while Benedict Enriquez Barayuga of Central Luzon State’s took the highest score in the high school level.

The result of PRC LET for secondary - click here.
The result of PRC LET for Elementary – click here.

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DepEd Offials and the Noodles Story

Senator Mar Roxas lost his temper to some DepEd personnel during Senate hearing on DepEd feeding program. Since the beginning, the DepEd officials have published a press release about this issue claiming that there is nothing wrong in the purchased of noodles in last year's feeding program.
deped teachers and officials
During Senate hearing, it was learned the DepED officials purchased a Noodle pack at price of P15 peso while the market value in any store or malls for the noodle pack is between P5 to P7 pesos only. Based on Senator computation, there is discrepancy of P11 in the purchased of noodles last year.

On the otherhand, the Congress through the initiative of militant legislator proposed a separate house investigation on what he describe as "noodle scam".

Teodoro casino said the company who received the contract is Jeverps Manufacturing Corp for P19M worth of noodles this year that cost the Government P22 per pack.

He also rejected the claim of the company that the noodle pack do not have ingredients of eggs nor malungay after the test conducted by the experts from other Asian countries.

DepEd's officials said that it was not fair to compare the commercial noodles and the noodles procured by the DepEd because it is especially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of the pupils.

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